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Why I carry a camera on every trip out and about

You never know what you are going to capture with your camera. Sometimes you’ll get a photo, and unprecedented access to things that you might never have believed would happen. 123 more words

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Site Seeing - April 17

Extreme weathering on our models is sometimes criticised as being unrealistic, and to a degree I can understand why many people would say that. But, that is not always the case so long as you have a modelling situation, or photographic evidence to the contrary. 587 more words

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Antoni Gaudí Collection

In the late nineteenth century when Antoni Gaudí completed the Palau Güell (1885-1890) he was already one of the most famous architects in Barcelona. This work saw the end of Gaudí’s first youthful phase, marked by an influence on Gothic and Muslim architecture and including buildings like the Crypt of the Sagrada Família (1882-1883), Casa Botines (1882-1883), Casa Vicens (1883-1888), El Capricho (1883-1885), Episcopal Palace in Astorga (1883-1913), the Güell Estate buildings (1884-1887) and the School of the Teresianas (1888-1889). 379 more words

Artistic Painter

Site seeing - March 31

If you’re a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know that I’ve had some health challenges in the last week. It is perhaps fitting today, for the last day of March, that we look at objects other than me in need of repair. 225 more words

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Site Seeing March 22

Bound for South Australia

Small, smart, practical exhibition layouts are not as easy to find as I’d like in Australia. Most club layouts are huge affairs, requiring many willing hands, a box trailer or van, and a pioneering spirit to move from home to exhibition to home. 283 more words


Site seeing March 20

I’ve said before that a photo provides more than just a visual image of an object, especially rail cars or locomotives. It provides context, and context is worth more than a thousand words to a modeller. 57 more words

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