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Site seeing - February 03 - (the scrapped, scrap and best scrap edition)

In my previous post I discussed an industry that I am hoping to add to the layout extension when that gets built later in 2016 or early 2017. 121 more words


Site seeing - February 02 (the scrap edition)

Well the modelling illustrated in these videos is all about scrap.

One of the industries I’ve considered for my new (home) layout was a small scrap dealer. 107 more words

Site Seeing


An often overlooked strategy for helping students improve their pronounciation is working with the International Phonetic Alphabet. Phonetics is a website created by the University of Iowa that has been around for many years and that explains what the sounds of American English are and how they are produced. 71 more words

Sites Of Interest

Site seeing - January 6

It’s the load ’em up and lock ’em down edition.

Site 1: Loading a boxcar with broken down loading bins

If you’ve ever wondered what a load should look like inside a boxcar (I know that this is specific to this particular load – but I am certain that I can make up some¬†realistic looking loads using these principles) then watch the video below; it is fascinating. 25 more words


Site seeing - January 4

I’m sure we’ve all got a an industry that we think we just cannot model. Today’s site seeing adventure amazed me on two fronts:

  1. How small an unloading facility can be for gravel/stone hoppers, and…
  2. 25 more words
Site Seeing

Site seeing - January 2 (the rock and rail edition)

While tooling around my favourite TV channel (YouTube) the other day I came across more videos showing the loading and unloading processes for rail served industries. 121 more words

Site Seeing

Site seeing - January 1 (The 'When the student is ready, the teacher appears' edition)

As a modeller, especially half a world away from the trains I model, what I find hardest to visualise is how freight car loading and unloading affects the design of a facility. 176 more words