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The Amazing Quality SITEX SAS300 AIS Class B

These Ethernet transceivers were specifically designed for 10 Gigabit Ethernet switch modules. Conveniently pluggable, this Ethernet transceiver provides excellent optimized performance in port-dense networks for better virtual memory mobility. 298 more words

5 reasons why I like the Garmin Vivosmart

My first experience with a fitness band began exactly a week ago when I bought the Garmin Vivosmart at Sitex.

This was after much evaluation of the options available in the market. 351 more words


Preparing for barricading

Lately, people who are in need of a roof over their heads, are barricading the places they occupy more and more. It is out of necessity. 101 more words

Another Day had passed!

Sitex 2013 has finally over, this time same thing as per normal.

Doing data keying.

always feeling regrets of not having to get it right get it done, for the courage.

Daily Life

The Eagle is a symbol of freedom

Seeing as I’ve recently finished my A-levels, and am trying not to become too “slovenly and unfastidious” as jlee puts it, I’ve devided to start up this blog to track down my activities during this post-A’s break. 830 more words

Consumer Tech Shows in Singapore - not everything are bargains

As a guy working at major tech shows for 7 years promoting stuff for my company, I’ve seen good and bad promotions happening throughout the 4 days of shows. 390 more words



2013 Best Deals 15847-C-MAP PC PLANNER 2MB NT+ MAX NAVMAN STANDARD SITEX SIMRAD. We are fairly happy with this 15847-C-MAP PC PLANNER 2MB NT+ MAX NAVMAN STANDARD SITEX SIMRAD… 2,032 more words

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