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Siting my Tiny Home

It seems ironic that the biggest issue with a tiny home designed to be on the move is what to do with it when it’s stationary. 44 more words

One Small Step

Near UFO/Passenger Jet Collision In Gramme, KY

Gramme, Kentucky

I am a security Guard for a private company. A second security Guard and I were walking to a vehicle when I looked up and spotted the object rising into the sky on the wast horizon. 356 more words


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Really strange, they could be if aliens are "real" scoping out our air vehicles. Seeing if they are as good as their technology. I don't know man but this year has been super strange more amount of activity from UFO's. Could they be planning something? Observing us for some reason leading to something? Who's out there? These questions should boggle your mind.

Sunday Swim. Belmont Shores. Long Beach

PTC Sunday Swim. Folks went different distances, from 0.5 to 1.3 miles.

PTC swimmers all had the new swim caps. Looking sharp! Elizabeth, Michel, and Gail led the crew out. 136 more words


Learning curve

After finally getting the ox-eye window straight and true in the front gable, we definitely had some important lessons under our collective belt to bring around to the back of Owl Manor. 381 more words