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28 weeks

I decided this week that I’m going to start doing a weekly blog update on Alfie. He is growing up so fast and learning new things all the time, so a weekly update will let everybody know how he’s doing! 540 more words

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Melt your heart moments

Penelope might be three months now but she acts like a little adult. She doesn’t like being cradled like a baby, it’s either over the shoulder or facing forward, she’ll also happily sit on your lap just as long as she can see everything (she’s a people-watcher). 250 more words


Using Tummy Time to Increase Baby's Core and Neck Strength

Baby developmental milestones. Most mothers know them, some mothers can recite them in their sleep (if they are getting any). Are you one of those mothers that obsesses over what your baby can and cannot do? 109 more words


Whitlee | 4 Months

Whew – I am behind! I’m telling you, life as a working mom of a 4 month old is anything but boring. We are 90 to nothing all . 1,510 more words

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Day 182 with you

Marlee Jo is 6 months

MJ is a big 6 month old now! So here’s where we are:

  • Sitting up by herself ^
  • Her first word is “Dada”
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Marlee Jo

Milestones and General Observations Month 9 - February 2015

It’s the end of February, and his 9 month birthday is coming up…it’s really hard to believe it’s been 9 months already.  Stuff is happening really quickly this month. 501 more words

Baby Development

Milestones and General Observations Month 8 - January 2015

So it’s a new year…

In early January, I made a remarkable discovery (but not really remarkable), eating breakfast while feeding baby is a good way to make sure I’m getting food too.   593 more words