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Move More, Sit Less

Being sedentary is bad for our health. In fact, sitting is killing us.

Sitting disease really is the new smoking. In a recent study conducted in Australia it was discovered that, compared to those that watch no television, those that watch an average of 6 hours per day can expect to live 5 years less. 497 more words

Expert Advice

Study: Prolonged Standing At Work Can Lead To Long-Term Health Problems

ATLANTA (CBS Atlanta) – We’ve heard the health dangers of sitting too much at work, but working on your feet all day could also be trouble. 280 more words


Smushy Snuggles

“Molly & Jasper”


Jasper really loves his Molly. He showers her with kisses and licks all day. He snuggles with her a lot and last night he kinda smushed her into the fence when he squeezed in for a snuggle. 93 more words


Desk work

As I sit at here at the front desk waiting for the phone to ring, a person to enter through the door, or for anything to happen at all, I find that I have time to reflect on many aspects of the things surrounding me. 104 more words


How Posture Affects Your Spine - Infographic

My mother was always saying, “Stand up straight.” Turns out she was right. Here are some useful facts on posture.

Don’t forget that sitting for prolonged periods is also very unhealthy.



Are interventions to reduce sitting at workplace effective?

It is common for family physicians in developing nations like India to encounter patients whose profession demands sedentary lifestyle. Such patients present with back problems, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and diabetes and ask doctors for advice on how to decrease sitting. 63 more words

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I'm A Big Bunny Too!



My Hershey is so tiny by comparison to the new visitors. He still puffs up his chest when he sees them at the “window” in the fence though. 145 more words