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Things I used to take for granted

Chronic health pain disrupts your life. In fact, it takes it over. We don’t appreciate what we have until it’s gone. Here are some of the things I used to take for granted but not any more: 101 more words

A Sitter in the Midst

While in Greece, I received many stares from Greek citizens. No, I must admit that it was not my sex appeal. In fact, it was probably the opposite–it was my “old” appeal. 127 more words

Another .gif about meditation.

After the whole day filled with work, shopping, paying bills, meaningless and uninspiring interactions with people, few failed attempts not to smoke I just couldn’t resist not to create another gif to express my gratefulness and the joy I derive from meditation practice.

Tuesday, May 31st

Next Tuesday we will be continuing our voyage through Mindfulness in Plain English with  chapters 8 through 12.

We invite each of you who plan to be there next Tuesday, to bring in an insight and a question from the readings…you can certainly bring in more, but we thought it might be engaging for all of us to “lead” the discussion. 12 more words


Video: Abe Lincoln finds his form, taunts his fellow racing presidents

Whatever was bothering the Great Emancipator has clearly left the building.

Once-dominant racing president Abraham Lincoln didn’t win his first race at Nationals Park until May 11 of this season, but since then, the 16th president has been hot. 70 more words