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Daddy Doesn't Have Fur?!

My dad’s winter coat came out of storage for the season and it happened to be sitting on his bed when my Piper came hopping up to do her daily reconnaissance. 107 more words


Nicki Ran All the Way Home

Little Nicki went home this morning, but little Bunny is still with us for a couple of days. Nicki did his evening runs last night with my lap as part of the course. 52 more words


Sitting on the fence

Dear Saints,
Sitting on the fence
I would just like to inform everyone on my whattsapp list that my phone refuses to update or upload a new version, as it is a new phone and I am somewhat challenged by new technology I have to wait for my son to return so he can sort it out. 1,014 more words

Sweater Snuggles

The weather has gotten chillier here so I’m wearing a big fluffy sweater, and the bunnies just love it! Both Bunny and Nicki climbed all over me on the couch. 36 more words


Fence Buddies

Bunny and Nicki are total fence-buddies. They’re too adorable. “I found another bunny who’s just my size!’ They’re both about a foot long and are very energetic little fur balls. 100 more words


So, if you are too tired to speak,

Sit next to me,

Because I, too, am fluent in silence.

~R. Arnold

Ill. Pascal Campion


Netflix - the healthy way!

When we┬árelax, it is common to binge-watch an old show on Netflix or catch up on some trashy shows on TV (hello, Cake Wars). … 459 more words