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The world is round, we are drawn by lines,

those that appeal,

surreal when defined.

I glance to see so many objects

all coordinate the spacial view… 168 more words


Silky Snoozer


“Hershey & Butterscotch”

I cleaned the little crust out of the corner of Station’s eyes today. He lay right down and snuggled while I did it. 53 more words


Day 224

On Friday, you came home exhausted!  You went to sleep as soon as dad got you in the car to come home.  Dad was a little tired, too. 34 more words


No Idea

She had no idea
that merely sitting
with a book in her hands
on the bench
outside the shop
where records were sold
would be her invitation… 68 more words

The Poetry Pantry

What Happens To Your Body When You Sit Too Long

What Happens When You Sit Too Long

In recent centuries, advances in industry and technology have fundamentally changed the way many humans spend their waking hours. 1,352 more words


Q78. Master: 'What are you doing here?'

A. Student: ‘I am doing nothing.’
Master: ‘Then you are sitting at leisure.’
Student: ‘Sitting at leisure is also doing.’
Master: ‘You say you are doing nothing. 38 more words


Fidgety and Friendly



We clipped Butterscotch’s nails yesterday. Per Station’s mommy’s suggestion, I used a flashlight to help me find the quick on his nails. They’re mostly light colored, but have some dark spots, and the flashlight definitely helped. 93 more words