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Just Sittin

Just sittin and thinkin
Too much, too often

Getting sleepy from sittin
Too much, too long

Sometimes I stare at nothing in particular.
And other times, I cry from the emptiness inside. 75 more words

Heart Disease Patients Who Sit A Lot Have Worse Health Even If They Exercise

Patients with coronary artery disease spend an average of 8 hours each day sitting; men were more sedentary than women.

Patients with heart disease who sit a lot have worse health even if they exercise, reveals research from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, and published today in the European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention.1… 573 more words

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CLICK HERE to read a great article with exercises, and how-to pics on “How To Undo the Damage of Sitting” from The Art of Manliness, a great blog collection of tips and tricks for guys, that we can all benefit from!



More Animating!

I couldn’t focus on writing today, so I spent the day relaxing, animating and watching more of Naruto. Naruto is way too emotional to be a Shonen series. 189 more words


Newspaper Napping


Glenda sure is a chill girl. We gave her some newspaper to shred, if she was so inclined, but instead she decided to use it as a pillow to nap on. 73 more words


Weighty Issue: How Your Self Image Can Affect Your Sex Life

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I have been in a lifelong war with my body, one that was raging even before the day when Brian, my fifth-grade crush, poked a finger into the underarm fat puffing over the elastic of my sundress and said, “You’ve got blabber.” 998 more words