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I Don't Put My Cats Up On a Pedestal …

… but I might put them on a stool. This picture of Boo is from March, I had just received my Sony A6500 camera and wanted to give it a quick test. 93 more words


Gimme that Fur!

Duffy always puts his head down for petting when I come in his pen. He jumps up from wherever he was sleeping and runs over to the fence to greet me as well. 167 more words


Snow at a Distance

Boo and I have to enjoy this snow at a distance. Though inches apart Boo was separated from the snow by many degrees as he enjoyed the start of a rare heavy snowstorm from the warmth of one of our picture windows. 72 more words


Bony Butt + Sitting All Day

I think I have calluses on my butt. I work from home sitting in front of a computer all day and my chair is a wooden chair. 60 more words


Find the High Ground!

Douglas’ favorite thing to do now is to snuggle with the tissue box up on top of the coffee table. He’s got a great view from up there. 185 more words


It (2017)

Horror film, remake
Year: 2017
Year in film: 1989
Country: USA
Who in shorts: boys ~12 ? 130 more words


Is It Dinnertime Yet?

Duffy is such a sweet little guy. The small ones aren’t always very friendly, but this little one is. He’s around 4-5 lbs I’d say, and as sweet as the caramel and chocolate swirls in his coat. 126 more words