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Serial podcast: The solution to the Hae Min Lee murder case

I love analysis, so here’s my theory around the over 15 year old murder case of Hae Min Lee that Adnan Syed now is imprisoned for. 2,843 more words


Reflecting on Situation Awareness….

Each of us believes our childhood is normal until we leave home. We really do not understand the gifts and curses of our upbringing until we learn how our family situation is different from what others have experienced. 399 more words

Reflecting On......

Forgive and Forget

yesterday I was posed with a big decision on the spot, basically I had to choose between dragging out drama, or lowering my sword and making peace. 255 more words

Why old school REALLY is failing?

I saw an excellent presentation by Kenth Hedevåg the other day. I’ll summarize it here, or in fact just a little piece of it. First, this is applying mainly to the Swedish education system, but I think it’s global. 471 more words