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POTUS Communications Privilege Protects Legal Memos on bin Laden Raid

On May 1, 2011, Navy SEAL Team Six entered Pakastani airspace, raided Osama bin Laden’s Abbottabad compound, killed the mastermind of the September 11 Attacks, and buried his body at sea.  451 more words

Executive Privilege

FBI Director Briefs Senators on Wiretape Probe

On his show CNN Situation Room, Wolf Blitzer discusses what we know so far of Donald Trump’s claim that his phone in Trump Towers was being wiretapped and the FBI’s response to these claims. 18 more words


Federal Judge Temporarily Halts New Travel Ban Nationwide (CNN Situation Room)

A federal judge has completely halted Donald Trump’s new travel ban.

Watch the Situation Room break it all down.


"The Situation Room" - A Matriarch Short Story

“The Situation Room”
A Matriarch Vampires short story ~ by Kevin A. Ranson

Under the cover of night, Mr. Chamberlain exited into the hallway. He pulled the door closed, adjusted his black Borsalino fedora, and met the eyes of a young man in a dark suit. 1,315 more words


Situation: My toddler keeps biting his peers. What to do.

Source:  Zerotothree.com

Toddlers and Biting: Finding the Right Response

Feb 22, 2016

Trying your best to understand the underlying cause of the biting will help you develop an effective response. 2,100 more words

Situation Room

Situation: I can't soothe my crying baby! Try the Secret Hold.

We discovered  Dr. Robert Hamilton via Today Parents in December 2015 after he posted his secret hold to YouTube and received nearly 6 million views in the course of a few days! 454 more words