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Situational Awareness

What were you doing alone in a park at night?

with your violent thoughts twisting into violent acts

the way fear morphs as the streetlights disappear behind you. 146 more words


OMB: Agencies Need Help With Old Problems

By Chris Wiedemann, consultant

The cybersecurity challenges facing the government are well understood. Combine a highly federated environment, huge volumes of sensitive, classified or legally-protected data, all running on outdated legacy technology, and you get the government’s current situation: struggling to stay ahead of the latest threats in an increasingly dangerous digital environment. 534 more words

Market Intelligence

Road Danger: Natural disasters

This is one of the many hair-pin turns on the one-lane no-fault gravel road winding its way high atop the back ridges near the hermitage. On this particular turn – imagine this – we had a tractor trailer (an extended flatbed with forklift at the back) who, having made the turn, had the cab in far ditch on the one side and the 75 foot trailer spanning the ravine and being held up by its back set of tires on the other side, totally blocking the road with no other way around except to backtrack and circle around the mountains, fully 10 miles to get to the highway below instead of just 2. 325 more words

Spiritual Life

Mental Models

Recently, I went on a double date to an Escape Room-type establishment.  We had a good time, but ended up not escaping.  The last thing we had to do was to disarm a bomb by entering a code.  477 more words

HP Tools

Cooper's Color Code and the Combat Mindset

Lt Col. Jeff Cooper was a United States Marine who fought in World War II in the Pacific Theater as well as in the Korean War. 1,024 more words

Krav Maga

Situational Awareness

I was at the post office the other day with the girlfriend so that she could pick up a package and I was noticing all of the people around me. 513 more words

Establishing the Baseline

Have you ever been somewhere while you’re out and about and noticed something…odd, weird, out of place and it made you think to yourself “huh, that’s strange”? 1,282 more words

Krav Maga