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Installing Hadoop & Spark on a Mac

Hadoop best performs on a cluster of multiple nodes/servers, however, it can run perfectly on a single machine, even a Mac, so we can use it for development.

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The Ignorance of Management - Deep and Wide

While on LinkedIn a couple of weeks ago, an interesting graphic caught my eye. Titled “The Iceberg of Ignorance”, it referred to a 1989 study… 1,074 more words

Management And Governance

Why My Cat is My Favorite Training Partner

After that title I am sure your ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ alarm bells are ringing full tilt but hang-on and hear me out. We have one indoor cat named Gizmo. 687 more words

Food For Thought

What is it about April and violence?

What is it about April?

Historically, there are a number of critical events that happen in April, especially between the 13th and 20th.  In recent decades, we’ve seen a number of events: 402 more words


Combat Flow Training: Relaxing into Dynamic Linked Chaos

Staying Alive is a Dynamic, Chaotic Affair: You Must Learn to Flow With the Go

Get Out of the Box!

Just as Neo needed to understand that there is no spoon in the film The Matrix, you need to realize that there is no box to step outside of.

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Self Defence

The Combat Triad

It was the early 1980’s. In the law enforcement world, the revolver was king, speed loaders were becoming the new normal and bowling pin shooting was considered innovative training. 640 more words


Become invisible when the SHTF

We all spend our whole lives trying to stand out in a crowd. In an emergency situation you might want to think about blending in. You might wonder why, the reason is simple. 450 more words