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Situation warranted attention

So I’m nipping into a shop leaving SWMBO and dog outside.
Only something is not quite right.

Then it dawned on me.
As SWMBO gave me some money from her purse, in my side vision I noted a guy of “a different ethnic group and dress” come to a screeching halt about 20 feet behind her. 150 more words


Master Ken on Situational Awareness & Selfie Defense

An amazing re-purposing of a selfie-stick, this being a clear example of thinking improvisationally about weapons. Remember: Never take your eyes off the balls (but don’t target-glance).

Haiku Trilogy, The Wreck Of The 188


“The only thing he – ever wanted was to be – in charge of a train”

“If you’re on a hot – track your windshield might get rocked – from an overpass” 10 more words

Unicorns & Plans...

A perfect tactical plan is like a unicorn because anyone can tell you what one looks like, but no one has actually ever seen one.


Victim Blaming vs. Personal Responsibility

via New York City Council Member Shuts Down Victim Blaming in Two Minutes Flat

I’ve been mulling over this issue in my mind.  I still believe there is a middle ground we’re not looking at here. 845 more words


Warrior & Mind...

“A warrior’s most formidable weapon is his mind.”

General Alfred M. Gray (1928-Present)

29th Commandant of the US Marine Corps