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Basic coping mechanisms in societal and geo-political breakdown: Go to...

Whatever one thinks about anything 2nd amendment (gun rights), there are some tactics which are essential to everyone’s life regardless of whether or not one carries, tactics which, knowing them well and putting them into practice, is a huge service to oneself, to one’s neighbor, to society. 306 more words


Run, Hide and Fight!

This is something that you should not only read about but actually practice regularly at home, in your office and even when on vacation.

Last weeks event at Bronx Lebanon Hospital was a reality check for all of us. 305 more words

The science of natural things

What do you see…. A simple boot print?  I see a story!

Since I was a kid I have been interested in tracking. Animal tracking can be fun, however my guilty pleasure has always been a bit more sinister. 995 more words

Bankrupt: State Doesn’t Have Money For Ambulances, School Buses Or The Lottery; Governor Calls It A ‘Banana Republic’

Financial Warning… There will be more of these…

Written by: Daniel Jennings

The fifth most populous state in the U.S. is out of money, unable to pay its bills and essentially close to bankruptcy. 470 more words


Foraging for Sanity: A Last Word


‘Foraging for Sanity is a miniseries exploring a recent five day epic in the lake district, UK. this final act is abstact but very relevent to the whole adventure’ 852 more words


Be Alert!

I was going to make this a simple Facebook post, but thought it might deserve a little longer post here on the blog.  Not unlike my post… 695 more words

Concealed Carry

Dangerous Women

It’s little appreciated, but the ultimate women’s issue is the right to self-defense. Little appreciated because those screaming about “women’s issues” are commonly progressives, and frequently, so far left they make Mao look like a George W. 1,818 more words