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Think you know about situational awareness? Play this game.

Want to improve you situational awareness, control presence and shadow dancing? Then you want the Chalk Game. I’ve talked about the Chalk Game a bit in the… 2,239 more words

What Is Iconography?

In several posts and videos, I’ve referenced iconography as a factor in getting a baseline of an area. In this post, I’m going to address these two questions: What exactly is iconography? 626 more words

Self Defense

Fighters: Controlled Rage versus Hatred

“What I will say is this: A fighter needs to think clearly, swiftly. His actions are always measured. Controlled rage is good, for it makes us stronger, but hatred swamps the emotions – it is like a runaway horse, fast but running aimlessly.” 10 more words


Network Management for SMEs

Network security is to protected each private and non-private computer networks, employed each day to be able to conduct transactions between individuals and businesses. Any company associated with it circle technique has to be sure to establish a solid, safe system for info and programs.

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Understanding Big Data

Understanding what is Big Data is important before actually leaning how do we preocess the data and tools and technique that are used

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Lessons Learned 1: Food Court

Here is the first video of the lessons learned series. I want to apologize about the audio. I had some technical issues, but I’ve worked out the kinks for future videos. 25 more words

Self Defense

Preparing for your own gunfight

By Bryan Mennie

The internet is a very informative place, it is also entertaining and often the setting for copious installments of the theatre of the absurd. 1,900 more words