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First responsibility of an effective Leader!

As a leader, it’s is your basic responsibility to love and care for those you lead. This is especially true when there’s distress in the system albeit it financially or emotionally. 217 more words

Are You Awake?

This is a very good question and during daylight hours most would answer yes. But is this “awake” a relative term?

I have, according to family legend, always been a creature of the dawn. 337 more words

Mind Body And Spirit

Heightened Awareness

At the moment humanity is developing a Pavlov’s ear for the sound of an incoming message on the ‘phone or its vibration in the pocket. We are becoming attuned to this and it diverts our attention, we may even salivate {joke} when we get incoming. 913 more words


Road rage tender snowflake tantrums and peaceful situational awareness

A view in front right where the slow-moving-vehicle right lane just quits.

Situational awareness involves always having at hand a number of ways to deescalate a potentially dangerous situation. 810 more words

Spiritual Life

Fear vs Panic

In one of my favorite movies, Chasing Mavericks, Jay and Frosty are diving in the water practicing holding their breath ( Jay needs to get to four minutes to even consider surfing the Mavericks) and as the are about to come up for air, a great white shark swims above them.  1,413 more words

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