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Hard Core Chicks: Eight Self Defense Tactics Every Women Should Know

By Tess Pennington – Ready Nutrition  

Society seems to dictate that women should be delicate, passive and always polite. In many cases, we give our power away because we feed into these societal norms. 756 more words

Emergency Survival Tips

Suspect Shot by Female Mugging Survivor (Indianapolis, IN)

WTHR: Mugging victim opens fire on suspects; one shot, two flee

The incident occurred on April 10,2015. Said female defensive shooter “Crystal”, “Honestly, I mostly carry it because my dad wanted me to. 41 more words

Women And Guns

Keeping your focus: The trick of staying on mission in a church environment

As I was talking with an ex-cop friend recently, I was reminded of a habit I had that related to making sure my mental focus was where it should be. 577 more words

Church Safety

Situational Awareness: Know The Baseline

By Ken Jorgustin – Modern Survival Blog

The concept of situational awareness is simple enough, “to pay attention to what is happening around you”. Unfortunately though, this is not quite so simple for most people. 114 more words


Darwin Weeps: Warning Labels and Technology Render the Survival Mindset Obsolete

By Daisy Luther – The Organic Prepper

Sometimes, warning labels concern me.

I mean, who inspired the label on blow dryers that points out the device should not be used in the shower? 1,478 more words


The Necessity of Situational Awareness

For those of us that carry concealed weapons–actually, for everyone–situational awareness is very important. It is vital for all women and girls, yet most Americans haven’t a clue. 88 more words


Cornered Cat's "Am I Paranoid?"

Kathy Jackson of Cornered Cat fame wrote a beautiful, share-worthy blog post that made me smile in bittersweet recognition. I highly recommend that, if you are considering whether someone’s criticism of your choice to be more situationally aware and prepared to deal with the worst is just, you read… 6 more words

Women And Guns