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Active "Killer"

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For the longest time, we have used terms like active shooter and active assailant to describe crimes involving an individual or individuals actively involved in killing other people, often in a random manner, seeking nothing other than to kill as many people as possible. 374 more words

Situational Awareness

Have you ever had a conversation with someone, only to have them look at someone or something directly behind you or off in the background of your environment, but they still appear to be maintaining their focus point and listening to what you are saying? 832 more words


'The Gouldii' & Ronin Worldwide (AUSPACIFIC)

Gouldii is now recognised by Ronin Worldwide Executive Protection LLC to consult, train and work with  individuals to organisations.

Global Travellers peridically, may face personal, local or regional security threats and usually with little or no training. 212 more words

Situational Awareness

TACMED Australia

TACMED Australia, and who they are;

“TacMedAustralia Pty Ltd is a veteran owned and operated business. We are proud of both our Military and Emergency Medical backgrounds. 89 more words

Situational Awareness

Stop Forecasting and Prepare for all Contingencies

There is a disturbing trend in the community of self-defense, shooting, and overall preparation in which many people “forecast” and try to predict the nature of the danger they may face and what that will actually look like.  324 more words


Two Experts On Situational Awareness

Tim Kennedy is a U.S. Army special forces sniper and a fighter in the UFC. Mike Simpson is an emergency medicine doctor are former special forces soldier. 167 more words

Tim Kennedy

Mass Shooting Survival Guide

Mass Shooting Survival Guide

It seems that the term “Active Shooter” is now a common and unfortunate term in our society.  Madmen and terrorists have taken… 633 more words

Self Reliance