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SIVs still being wrongfully denied SSI benefits

An issue we first reported on in 2011 continues — SIV immigrants improperly denied social security benefits. An Iraqi SIV visa (Special Immigrant Visa) holder in California named Danial who arrived in June 2012 contacted us to report that the Social Security Administration (SSA) denied him SSI (Supplemental Security Income benefits). 282 more words


Links to go viral - 16th March 2015

A day late, but a link longer. Here’s this week’s lovely links:

A live look at the AIDS virus – Science Magazine

So cool. Being able to image where a virus is hiding inside an infected animal or person is a big sci-fi-esque deal. 510 more words


Researchers may have found HIVs hiding place in the body

After a long game of hide and go seek, researchers may have found out where the HIV virus likes to hide when it starts losing the battle. 645 more words



There are forty-five minutes left today. I need to do a little creative writing.

Here is a short story I wrote last year. As with anything I’ve written over three weeks ago, I think it’s rubbish. 2,318 more words


Gene Therapy to “Assassinate” HIV virus

Transforming Cells into Molecular Assassins

The conventional approach to vaccination involves training the immune system to fight an infection. But the Researchers at Scripps Research Institute in California have derived a new technique that involves altering the DNA in order to give cells anti-HIV capabilities. 604 more words
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Scientists announce anti-HIV agent so powerful it can work in a vaccine

via Pueo Eyes.

Scanning electron micrograph of HIV particles infecting a human T cell. Credit: NIH

Date: February 18, 2015

Source: The Scripps Research Institute…

77 more words
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