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SIV Short Film

I directed my first short film this past week.

Okay, so I have a lot to catch you guys up on in regards to my goings-on in the film industry. 465 more words

The story of Sivesetfu ECD centre

What began as a simple act of kindness towards one’s neighbours has grown into a community institution catering for previously unreached children through Early Childhood Development (ECD) services.   539 more words


After a relatively uneventful journey from YVR to GVA (and entertaining shuttle ride driver with curious opinions pertaining to the Swiss) I finally arrive in Doussard. 403 more words

How to use interactive video in business

Ask any business and they will tell you that what they are looking for from marketing today is audience engagement.  What is engagement?   This is nicely answered by… 235 more words

Interactive Videos

ART and antibody for severe bowel disease for HIV

Currently, HIV-infected individuals can live a near normal life span if, every day, they take a complex combination of drugs called antiretroviral therapy (ART). The bad news is if they stop ART, the small amounts of HIV that still lurk in their bodies can bounce back and infect key immune cells, called CD4 T cells, resulting in life-threatening suppression of their immune systems. 253 more words


A Huge Leap Forward Toward a Cure for HIV

Upwards of 36 million people around the world have HIV, and while we have come quite a long way in our understanding of the virus, we’ve still only managed to subdue it rather than cure it. 284 more words