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Fright Fest 2017

I conquered Six Flag’s Fright Fest for the second year in a row!

For those of you who don’t know me too well – despite my unabashed love for all things Halloween, autumn, and ~*~2spoopy~*~ – I am a real fraidy-cat. 534 more words

Story Time!

Single Guy Says, 'Why Are You Laughing?!'

Between watching the IT movie a couple weeks ago and visiting Six Flags Fright Fest this past weekend I noticed a very strange but very common trend in reactions among people, including myself, in both places.  701 more words

#100WW -- The Shark

The little girl screamed and began to cry when the shark’s head popped up out of the water next to the window she was sitting at on the ride at Six Flags. 95 more words


Sybil’s Weekend Wrap-Up: 10.16.17

If you listen to Fast in the Morning, you might already know the random situations we find ourselves in on a regular basis. Sometimes crazy, sometimes scary, sometimes embarrassing, and almost always fun. 756 more words


AUDIO: Stylz Confronts His Fear of Haunted Houses!

Stylz hasn’t been to a haunted house since he was a little kids.

To say he isn’t a fan would be an understatement.

But this weekend he decided to confront that fear… 36 more words



So yesterday I went to Six Flags New England for fright fest. Never again. I hate being scared and I really hate people dressed up like cult followers, following me chanting “you are one of us” just because I had devil horns on. 76 more words


The Adventure Continues (Part 2)

June 15

DISNEYLAND DAAAAAY! I’m not gonna write much but I’ll let the pictures do the talking because it was an eventful day and my tiny brain can’t remember that much details. 745 more words