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Power90 - Day 85 - Cardio and abs - back from the abyss

Hello all,

I’ve been off the exercise routine since Sunday.  On Monday, I worked until 9 PM…didn’t feel like working out.  On Tuesday, I got home late and wasn’t feeling well….didn’t work out.   176 more words


Honestly Funny Little Men

Felix: “I have a six pack!”

Gus: “Yeah, of pudding cups!”

Calvin Harris shows off his perfect body!

How did this even happen?! Scottish DJ Calvin Harris transformed from geek to chic in less than a couple of months! First being the new face of Armani, now posting sexy selfies while being on tour. 170 more words


Power90 - Day 84 -Body Sculpting and Ab Work during #TWD

Hi all,

I woke up not feeling great and was a big lazy slug all morning but I did make myself complete my body sculpting (with weights) workout for the day. 153 more words


Power90 - Day 83 - Cardio and Abs after 3 days off

Hi everybody,

Today was the first exercise day after 3 reset days.  My energy levels have been pretty low lately and I just wanted to give my body time to catch up with my mind (which has me in perfect health). 153 more words


When is it okay to stop wanting to have abs?

You all may think I’m a super-confident, courageous, dauntless guy, the way I write posts about being a super-confident courageous, dauntless guy. But I’m really not. 608 more words

Everything in Moderation...

is what my father always told me growing up.

After 30, I don’t expect a guy to have a six pack (of abs, not beer), but I would like him to know where the gym is, and use it at least a couple of times a week. 382 more words

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