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Rippling Six-Pack Versus Pot-Belly

It’s pretty awesome the sight of a guy with the perfect abs, while that of a pot bellied guy isn’t quite appealing but why is this case? 294 more words


Overcome that Pesky Voice in Your Head

You know what frustrates me?  And I’m sure it frustrates you too?

It’s that dang pesky voice that pops into my head when I know I need to do something good.   1,101 more words


Exercise the brain.

Want the ultimate six-pack?  Big defined guns to impress the ladies? The Adonis beach bod? Well, you’re wasting your time reading this then, I haven’t a clue and I’m not some pop-up in your news feed which will tell you the top-five ways to get ripped. 509 more words



Olá, atletas! Depois das épocas mais festivas como o Natal ou a Páscoa, por exemplo, há que recuperar e perder as calorias ganhas. O desporto é, sem dúvida, um elemento importante à vida e ao bem-estar de qualquer um. 63 more words