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Suspended Leg Raises

It’s time for the final exercise in Ab Month!

This week we’re going to be looking at another effective exercise for your core called Suspended Leg Raises… 553 more words

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Hi all,

This is a quick summarised almost cue cards as I like to visualise of how you can take all the gibberish that fitness experts sprout through various methods of scientific research into creating a billion dollar industry to manipulate the minds of the naive and get a better body. 446 more words


Home Abs Workout No Equipment, Advanced Abs Routine 5 minutes NO REST!

Link to the YouTube Video!


Leg Raise Circles
Plank Shoulder Taps
Supported Knee Ins
V tuck
Reverse Crunch
High Crunch
Mountain Climbers
Scissors… 6 more words

Six Pack Abs