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Train like a Championship Fighter (without take a single punch)!

Even if you were underwhelmed by the mega-hyped fight between Floyd (Money) Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, you surely were inspired by their physiques, and maybe even aspire to look like them. 931 more words


Sounding the Fitness Alarm for Police, Firemen and other First Responders

What is the major cause of firefighters’ injuries — or death? Burns? Falls or collapsing buildings? Smoke inhalation?

No. No. No.

It’s stress and physical exertion, according to statistics. 659 more words


Avoiding "Skinny Fat" and My Weird Relationship with Jillian Michaels

Before coming to China, I spent anywhere from one to three hours a day dancing, I worked in a fitness center with four convenient and well-maintained sites on campus (and I had a free membership), and never thought twice about wearing a crop top.   726 more words

The "Dad Bod" is Gaining in Popularity

DALLAS – Quite possibly the best news you’ll hear today. That is, if you’re a dude. We’re talking about the newest trend out there, and it requires very little effort: the “dad bod.”  And women are apparently all about it these days! 164 more words


The Brad Pitt Fight Club Workout: Be Tyler Durden

Brad Pitt as Tyler Durden in Fight Club is in absolutely ridiculous shape, he’s crazy lean and looks incredible. The fact people still talk about Brad Pitt’s body in that movie when it came out in 1999 shows how much of an impact it had. 516 more words


8 weeks to 25: Six Pack Challenge

In 8 weeks I turn 25 – with any luck I’ll have lived just one quarter of my life. Like others I know, my list of goals continues to grow faster than I can tick any of them off. 553 more words