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3 Tips for Chest Day

Tip #1: Forget about chest day.

Tip #2: Do some really hard pushups, along with some really hard pull ups, along with some really hard squats. 362 more words


The Secret to Transforming Your Body

Progress. Steps forward. This is how you transform your body.

“DUH!” But most people don’t really understand this concept, otherwise 100% of people would reach their fitness goals. 928 more words


3 Reasons to Skip the Ab Exercises

  1. You do Squats
  2. You do Push Ups
  3. You do Pull Ups

Let me explain. Your abs’ core function is STABILIZATION. To stabilize your body when you are standing, sitting, walking, running, jumping, showering, pooping and brushing your teeth, so basically all the time. 121 more words