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Shabbat Shalom.

Charles Clore Park, Tel Aviv

Abs vs. Core.  Which should you be doing?

Who doesn’t want a nice pair of six pack abs? The answer is EVERYONE.

We have been told forever that they are THE sign of ultimate fitness. 306 more words


Cracked 5 ... March 21st, 2017

 Jonathots Daily Blog


Matters Which Traumatize the Number 6

A.  Inexplicably forced to pick up sticks with 5

B.  Hoodlum family members getting mixed up in 6-packs… 47 more words

Cracked 5

How to activate your core during exercise.

Your “core” is a term used for the muscles that help protect your spine these include the traverse abdominis, erector spinae, obliques and lower lats. The core is made up of more than what we refer to as a “six pack” and you should carry out exercises that target your entire core in order to see better results quicker. 458 more words