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4 Questions To Help Prevent Digital Darwinism

An old friend called and mentioned a conversation with a reporter from a national news organization. He attempted to explain to the reporter the Boy Scouts of America’s policy of not allowing openly gay leaders and—previous to this year—youth members was not the reason for the organization’s downward spiral in membership or fundraising. 576 more words


Gerd Leonhard - Into The Future

Pod Of The Day – Episode 20
SPOS #455 – Into The Future With Gerd Leonhard

The future is already here. As William Gibson so eloquently put it. 662 more words


The Power of Stories and the Making of Legends

A couple months ago I was listening to the Twist Image podcast (apologies but I can’t remember which episode) that talked about the power of crafting a compelling story to sell your brand. 251 more words


Steven Kotler - Become the Exponential Entrepreneur

Today I have been listening to very special episode Six Pixel of Separation with Steven Kotler and Mitch Joel. I also made a Pod in Swedish… 473 more words


The Point Of Creativity In Business: to sell and to tell

The point of creativity in business is to tell and/or sell. For some reason, the statement above is seen (by many) as some kind of defamation of creativity.

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