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The dark side of the tapestry

The twins sit beneath a great oak, deep in the heart of the forest, they say. If you find them, you must ask them three questions and they will always tell you the truth. 110 more words

Flash Fiction

flour sacks

The weight bows our backs, all of us grunting as we heave them across the room. The bakers shout at us, urging us to move faster. 74 more words

Six Sentences


Water surrounds me, covers everything I have come to take for granted. All I can see is this murky expanse, impenetrable wet darkness. I know that I am somewhere inside here, that my body must still exist because I can feel the vibration of my heartbeats stirring the water around me. 39 more words

Six Sentences


The glowing embers peer out at us, countless red eyes watching as we roll our potatoes in foil. We present our packages to the flames, inviting them to taste our offerings with hot tongues. 71 more words

Six Sentences

snack attack

We roll through the drive-thru laughing, heads thrown back in mirth; when the voice crackles through the box to take our order, Mary Elizabeth shushes us frantically, though she herself cannot seem to stop snickering. 133 more words

Six Sentences


We tuck cold fingers deep into pockets, unwilling to roll down the shirtsleeves around our elbows. On the cuff of my left arm is a secret word she scrawled years ago, on the side that touches the inside of my wrist. 79 more words

Six Sentences


In an instant, this one or the next. Pondering what might happen, what could be. We are infinite and beautiful and ever-changing. We might still be able to continue together. 18 more words

Six Sentences