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The Most Important Lean Skills Every Leader Should Have

Being a leader goes beyond finding an idea and putting together the team that brings it to life successfully. Successful leaders are sources of inspiration for those around them, they challenge their people to be a better version of themselves and understand them individually in order to help them address their weaknesses and capitalize on their strengths, always with the goals of the organization in mind and a plan to achieve those goals. 786 more words


How Will Continuous Improvement Work With Six Sigma?

Many companies all over the world have taken on Six Sigma as a way to maintain a high level of perfection and strive towards obtaining high quality procedures and products. 781 more words


Continual Improvement

Companies often do not spend enough time, money, or effort training employees to do their job. Rather, they simply do the minimum amount to simply show the employee how to make or produce whatever widget it is they need to deliver. 556 more words


Revival of Pakistan's Textile Industry

Pakistan is in the limelight these days due to the advancement in development of CPEC, which is being perceived as a catalyst in the revival of country’s economic stature. 451 more words

Operation Excellence

Few Things You Should Know About Six Sigma Certification

The Six Sigma certificate is very valuable in today’s world. Lean six sigma belt is similar to that belt that you would find in karate class. 357 more words

Lean Six Sigma

The Core Elements Of Six Sigma Methodologies And Its Uses

Six sigma training plays an imperative role to achieve the success in an organization. The training needs for employees are met by many organizations with in-house training program. 177 more words

Six Sigma

Implementing Six Sigma in service-providing companies

Of all process improvement metrics, Six Sigma is one of the most implemented in the United States. Effectively reducing the variability of an organization’s processes, as well as eliminating defects or failures in delivering a product or service to the customer are goals that every company desires, and Six Sigma is an excellent method to achieve them. 775 more words

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