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Introduction to Six Sigma

“Six Sigma” is a federally registered trademark of Motorola. 416 more words

Quality Improvement

Failure Demand

When I stopped working in outsource centres and found a job working in a call centre where I was part of a ‘system’, it didn’t take me long at all to notice that something wasn’t entirely right. 584 more words

Call Centre

The Brand Identity Prism Concept of Kapferer

Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism

All brands need an identity. Think about the brands that you regularly purchase in your day to day life – what do you know about them? 1,119 more words


The Recency, Frequency and Monetary Segmentation

RFM Segmentation

Do you know how much your customers are worth to your organization? This might seem like an odd question at first, as most business owners and managers are simply concerned with attracting as many customers as possible, regardless of how much those customers may be worth. 1,067 more words


The Role of BBS (Balanced Business Scorecard) in Business Management and Operations

Balanced Business Scorecard
The Balanced Business Scorecard, or the Balanced Scorecard, is a management tool used by many organizations in order to align their activities with their goals. 1,089 more words


Project Management: The 4-View Model

The Four-View Model

There is an old expression that says there are two sides to every story. Additionally, there is more than one way to look at every story – different viewpoints to be taken. 1,140 more words


How to apply the 7S McKinsey's Framework to your business strategy

The McKinsey 7-S Framework

Every organization needs to have specific objectives, or goals, that it is striving to achieve. Without these targets in place, it is easy for a business to just ‘wander’ from day to day, without ever making any headway in the market. 1,153 more words