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Lean Six Sigma in the manufacturing process of the oil and gas industry

Lean Six Sigma in the manufacturing process of the oil and gas industry

If there’s any industry that can benefit well from the Lean Six Sigma process… 297 more words

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How to Pick Your Path to Real Cost Savings, Part Three

One of the most crucial things with which a manager is tasked is finding ways to cut costs.  It is also one of the most challenging things because it can be very hard to see opportunity and equally as difficult to make sure that short-term cost reductions aren’t actually creating long-term loss.  901 more words

Cost Savings

Distribution Sandbox - Simulation Preview

Here is a preview of the next simulation to be added. The user can set parameters on 7 different statistical distributions then run the simulation. This samples the distributions and shows them on the chart.


Six Sigma Define Phase Key Objective



Define phase

The key objectives within the define stage of DMAIC are:

_ Project Definition: to articulate(clear) the project’s scope, goal, and objectives; 64 more words

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Quincunx (Binomial Simulator) Preview

Here is a preview screenshot of the next simulation that will be added to the collection.  This one is a goodie for Six Sigma trainers. 97 more words


Hemoglobin A1c quality targets

There is a new article in Clinical Chemistry about a complicated (to me) analysis of quality targets for A1c when it would seem that a simple error grid – prepared by surveying clinicians would fit the bill. 217 more words

Clinical Laboratory Statistics