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LEAN Six Sigma

Today was made up of a bronze level LEAN methodology. What do I mean when I say LEAN? LEAN is a systematic process for the reduction of waste, this waste comes in all forms from non value added products, unneeded movement, over production, over analysis etc etc. 201 more words

The Value of Certifications in Our Industry

Today’s post is from a guest blogger.  Connie Tolman has a career that has spanned the aerospace, military, medical device and biotechnology industries in Southern California.   709 more words


Empowered by Replication

During my tenure at Lucent Technologies (now Alcatel-Lucent), I was taught how to replicate myself for the greater good of the corporation. The process was fairly easy to learn, but it took a bold move of overcoming my fears to live the concept out loud. 1,029 more words


Revisiting the MATURE Outsourcing Program

In the past, we’ve talked about where outsourcing programs are headed when they finally reach their “mature” stage. That is to say, if you operate one or more lower cost locations, which have all passed their “training” phase, and are working efficiently. 1,279 more words


20 Reasons You're Paying Too Much for Raw Materials - And How to Reduce Costs

Raw material is often the single greatest expense for any manufacturing operation. It could range anywhere from 35 – 75% of total cost of goods sold depending on industry and the nature of the supply chain. 1,049 more words