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Measuring Cost of Quality

I’ve always thought “cost of quality” was a great idea in principle. If you could take the costs associated with defects, field failures, returns, and warranty claims, and add the costs of inspection, testing, scrap, and rework, then you could get everyone’s attention. 480 more words


Six sigma applicability within Unison Industries

David Kiger is crazy for everything that has to do with logistics, six sigma and just in time production. We have seen many cases of either approach and we have seen cases where the strategy has gone wrong and others where the strategy works as expected. 784 more words

David Kiger

Are You Looking For Root Cause, Or Someone to Blame?

When I worked as a quality manager in my first career I was often required to investigate quality failures to determine the cause. There were times when it was pretty easy to figure out, but in an uncontrolled business environment it can be hard to identify a simple dependent relationship between cause and effect. 514 more words

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Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six sigma is a methodology that combines Six Sigma which as we learnt before, mainly targets defect reduction by problem solving and Lean principles which aims at waste reduction and elimination by streamlining the process. 40 more words

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3D Printing and the Production Ramp

Yes, 3D printing is great. Incredibly intricate designs that have been virtually impossible to fabricate using traditional subtractive or injection molding technology can now be realized. 271 more words


Six Sigma DMADV Methodology

This methodology is mainly used when a new product or process is to be created.It can also be used when an existing product or process exists and has been optimized (using either DMAIC or not) and still does not meet the level of customer specification or Six Sigma level. 183 more words

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