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Six Sigma Business Management Strategies and Certification

The founder of the Treasure Hunt Group in Olympia, Washington, Jerry Wiatt holds a master of business administration from California Coast University in Santa Ana and specialized certificates in information technology and Microsoft Office from Grays Harbor College in Aberdeen, Washington. 143 more words

Six Sigma

Quality Decisions in Hindsight

For the last several years there’s been at least one high-profile case of quality failure that captures the attention of the business press for months at a time. 522 more words

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A Short Overview Of Implementing Six Sigma Training

The innovative results or consequences achieved by the Six Sigma methodology and proper implementation were not realized very quickly. Of course, the proficient employees of a company through specialized six sigma training program play key roles these days. 108 more words

Six Sigma

Everything you need to know about starting Six Sigma training

If you have tried implementing Six Sigma in your business or company you may have notice how important is training in the process. A good training can define the success of failure of a Six Sigma project as the knowledge and techniques needed to have a bright process can only be acquired through good training. 776 more words

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Toyota lends expertise to help food bank serve more than ever

It is another amazing story about how lean and six sigma benefits a local food bank.

A South Dallas food pantry now serves 60 percent more people in need thanks to tips from an unlikely new partner: a car company. 

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Black Belt Certification Part 1: Who Should Certify?

Over the years I have been involved in the design, installation and delivery of a number of Process Excellence (PE) systems dedicated to the training, coaching, and certification of the leaders and employees of organizations. 913 more words

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How Much Quality Training Do You Need?

OK, not everyone needs to be a Six Sigma Black Belt, but what elements of quality training should be provided to everyone in the organization? 500 more words

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