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Fix it or build it

Six Sigma is widely known for its ability to improve. The process, often coupled with Lean methodologies, uses a systematic approach to addressing issues within a company to arrive at a cleaner, better oiled machine. 132 more words


6-3 Uhvati pravac, krivudanje je opasno

Svako je nekada video na putu auto koji krivuda, i sigurno se i sami sećate kako je to dramatično izgledalo, čak i zastrašujuće. Sigurno je bilo jasno i očigledno kako to može da izgleda opasno. 365 more words

Six Sigma

6-1 Sigma... šta je to?

Sigma je 19. znak grčkog pisma.

Zanimljivo… ali, i dalje mi nije jasno kakva je veza tog grčkog slova i mog posla.

E, pa postoji veza, i to vrlo značajna. 385 more words

Six Sigma

My New Favorite Statistics & Data Analysis Book Using R

As of today, I now have a NEW FAVORITE introductory statistics textbook… the one I’ve always dreamed of having. I’ve been looking for a book to use in my classes for undergraduate sophomores and juniors, but… 1,062 more words


Live Chat and Lean Manufacturing

In the Toyota Production System (TPS) and its ongoing adherence in Western companies (usually called Lean, often mixed in with Six Sigma processes), one of the ways that we are able to reduce waste is moving from batch production to single piece flow, or… 418 more words


28 PBE Students Receive their Six Sigma Green Belt

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015, twenty-eight Paper and Bioprocess Engineering students received their Six Sigma Green Belts after completing a semester-long course. The course, led by Dr. 167 more words

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How do you decide which six sigma process to use


How do you decide what six sigma process to use?

Look at the situation and analyze the situation and analyze the situation. Before you bring in measurements, did the analysis (business operations) decide this as part of the actional planned process or another control. 95 more words

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