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Off My List: A Six Word Experience Continues


“Our prison visitations were surprisingly romantic”

-Larry Smith

It all got so compelling that I started sleeping with a pad and pen right at my bedside so I could immediately record my six word musings on love and heartbreak while they were freshly formed.  803 more words

Salty Tears

She sang softly to him as she stroked his hair gently, trying to comfort him. He smiled some, grateful for her attempt, yet unable to fully relax as pain overwhelmed him. 56 more words


Off My List: A Six Word Experience Begins

Now I Obsessively Count the Words”

                        -Larry Smith

Books have always been a very favorite gift- actually a very favorite, period.  I’ve been having a lifelong affair with them.   406 more words

28 mars - 6 word memoir

My first ever attempt at a 6 word memoir !

Entitled: Four Hours Later

When does napping just become sleeping? ❂

Slice of Life is a daily writing challenge during the month of March hosted by Two Writing Teachers. 19 more words

Slice Of Life