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Um, Hi

Being on hiatus sounds fancy, doesn’t it? So academic. Go on with your bad self, actin’ all fancy and on hiatus and stuff. I hadn’t felt that pull, that… 1,362 more words

Muscular Dystrophy

The One Thing In My Way...

…is me

That’s me, back when I was young and unaware of how little of the world I’ve seen. I was always a wide-eyed little kid with wild dreams and a crazy imagination. 484 more words



Before I left for work this morning, I posted errantly on Facebook, “celebrating” my forty-sixth first day of school.  Today was, in fact, my forty-seventh.  Poor Mrs. 798 more words

Muscular Dystrophy

6-word memoirs to end the year

For those of you who have finished the year already, congrats. In Virginia, we’re still basically staring down four more weeks of school. We’re approaching what my fave principal used to call “keep the lid on it” time. 558 more words

Move Over, Haikus!

I had found a website, Six-Word Memoir, and wondered what you could possibly say in six words. But then I thought about it, how it might be a good challenge for me.  112 more words