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Six Word Memoirs: Why can't I write about dragons

A couple of days ago my English class started out a personal essay/memoir unit, and I expected (and frankly still do now that we’re reading our choice of memoirs) the same kind of boring unit that we go through every year.   169 more words

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We should all just stare more.

Visual experiment by Duffboy

six-word memoir

it’s getting pretty up close and personal to the end of the year you guys, and i can’t try lying to myself anymore because we’re gonna be entering the single-digit countdown phase pretty quick; *holds breath* that sucks. 459 more words

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Six-Word Memoirs

A few years ago, a friend gave me the coolest book called Six-Word Memoirs.

It’s a compilation of life stories filtered down to only six words and it’s amazing. 128 more words

Over The Backyard Fence

Six Word Memoirs

This is an assignment that we did for my creative writing class. We did six word memoirs for 6 feelings. And we did 6 word memoirs for our life story and our alter ego character’s life story. 94 more words

Six Word Memoir: Love.

A few years ago, I read a book of six word memoirs. The authors (publishers?) asked both famous and regular, everyday people to sum up their lives in six words or less. 71 more words