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Forget your nation, forget the villains

Go to the movies, man, forget about the household. No home improvement tonight.

We are bigger on the inside

Over a week ago I had an intense reaction to this beautiful song by Amanda Palmer: Bigger On The Inside. Please, do yourself a favor and listen to it (download it and contribute if possible!). 424 more words

Six words about The Colonel's First Year

1.) Early, small, I held you close.
2.) Screaming, we moved north, settled in.
3.) After 5 weeks, you started nursing.
4.) After 5 months, dropped the shield. 32 more words

Birthday Girl

Day 2: A – Z Challenge

Today, I am the birthday girl.

Today, I celebrate another twirl and whirl around the sun.

I celebrate, conscious of each breath, each fragile moment, each grace that comes my way. 203 more words


Trying Six Word Memoirs #sol15

After reading the post at http://misstaniamarie.weebly.com/blog/6-word-memoirs I had to try creating some of my own six-word memoirs.  Thank you, Tania Marie, for inspiring today’s slice! 71 more words


Six words about pumping

Sometimes abundance, relief. Sometimes blood, literally.

We smile, we create, we pose

Especially even when we’re down, right?