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Vaping in public while wearing crocs

An everyday six-word memoir

Vaping in public while wearing crocs.

The work must be done

I will not procrastinate anymore. No.

Energy’s finite, but will is powerful.

Vintage playlists and late night convos

Empty your phone’s content.

Glitch art by Duffboy

Who was your Harvey Weinstein?

Predators rarely operate alone…

Secrecy, holding a sword over you.

It's a beautiful and sad life

Commitment: I will say no more often, express or document my gratitude, update my blog more regularly.

Here’s some art, photos and other recent stuff from my life without any context.

August 9, 2017: Six Word Memoirs with Seniors

Today we kicked off our first full day of class with an introduction to writer’s notebooks and a very popular form of narrative writing, six word memoirs.   206 more words

1st Semester Fall 2017