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Six Word Memoirs

This is an assignment that we did for my creative writing class. We did six word memoirs for 6 feelings. And we did 6 word memoirs for our life story and our alter ego character’s life story. 94 more words

Six Word Memoir: Love.

A few years ago, I read a book of six word memoirs. The authors (publishers?) asked both famous and regular, everyday people to sum up their lives in six words or less. 71 more words


30 Famous People (And Some Regulars) Tell Their Entire Life Story In Exactly Six Words


“I’m so tired, I’m awake again.”

—Chelsea Handler


“Couldn’t cope so I wrote songs.”

—Aimee Mann


“Secret to life: marry an Italian.” 226 more words

Six Word Memoirs

Six word memoirs are a writing activity that I was introduced to in one of my college classes. It’s basially an open ended story told in just six words. 42 more words