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Six Word Saturday

Playing with magnetic poetry.  Click here to give it a try.


Six-Word Saturday (#7)

Must Magnetize My 

Writing World Today!

Haven’t done magnetic poetry in a month or two.  Time for a revisit.

Six Word Saturday

Never Mind Jack And The Beanstalk

See what I grew from a handful of bean seeds – four pounds of shelled Field Beans from one square metre of raised bed (excuse the mixed metrification). 479 more words

Tish Farrell Writer

Exploring the many canals of Aveiro

It is thanks to Nelson Carvalheiro that I discovered Aveiro, and learnt all about its beautiful network of canals, Art Nouveau buildings and wonderful sweet delicacies called… 578 more words

Monday Walks

Six Word Saturday: A glimpse into the old attic....

Found this while I was looking for something else:

Seen better days, but I think renovation was on the cards….

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Duck duck goose (plus two extras!)

Walking along by the canal yesterday evening we spotted four mandarin ducklings, two Canada geese and one gosling.  There was no sign anywhere of a mandarin parent, so I hope all was well. 11 more words

Six Word Saturday

Six word Saturday

As transient as a reflected image

I hate goodbyes.  The weekend in Nottingham with my daughter came and went all too swiftly. Transient, you might say.   41 more words