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Sixers Balls: Scenarios...

Awww yeeesss… Let all SCENARIOS begin and there is a plethora of them. By the way, plethora has to be my favorite word of all-time. Before I get into the scenarios for the Sixers, here is a message from my sponsor.. 640 more words


Sixers Balls..We Talkin Chances..

The time has finally come. The right of passage. The day the basketball gods will shine down upon us. Well, for the love of God they better.   457 more words

Sixers Balls

Sixers Balls: The Race For More Balls..

Well, I just took notice that I haven’t written anything in about 4 months. Unfortunately, “Real-Life” got in the way, but now I am back. 742 more words


Sixers Balls: Oh, There You Are Mr. Turner...

Bust, Bum, Can’t shoot, Head Case, Looks like a Twelve year-old kid calling for the Ball…All this sound familiar?  Yes, that would be Evan Turner, to which I am referring too. 881 more words


Sixers Balls: Let's Enjoy The Ride...

Yes, this was the year that the Sixers were supposedly “Tanking”, as of right now? Yeah, not so much…But hey, I am cool with it. First and for most, I am a fan. 651 more words


Sixers Balls: "False Hope" (Bynum) comes in to town..

Well then, Bynum to retire? Nah, not until he gets DAT money. There was a time where I would be fully ready and willing to blast Bynum, but for some reason though, I kind of pity him now. 635 more words


Sixers Balls: It's about those "Ping-Pong" Balls...

The time has come. The hour is upon us . The “Winless for Wiggins”, “Diggin 4 Wiggins”, or just “Tankadelphia”, whatever you prefer to call it, is about to begin. 943 more words