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New EP : V.I.P. / Partir Quand Même / Moi Vouloir Toi / Laisse-moi Rêver / La Sieste / En résumé ... En conclusion - Françoise Hardy

Lots of EP are out from former Eurovision Songcontest participant Françoise Hardy featuring old songs. Enjoy “V.I.P” (1986), “Partir Quand Même” (1989), “Moi Vouloir Toi ” (1977), “Laisse-moi Rêver” (1988), “La Sieste” (1989) and “En résumé … En conclusion” (1989). 37 more words



I am usually not like this. I am capable of making the right choices (I think). I like to use my brain more than the “heart.” But the last couple of days have just been indicating one and only thing, “start smoking.” 212 more words



A a merry morning on Youtube with all the old pop music – putting faces to the songs,some for the first time. Electric solid guitars were a new invention. 141 more words

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird

This video is worth watching for the fashion alone. But when there is a classic rock song such as Free Bird, then you gotta take the time to tune in and drop out…

Rebel Voice Music

The Love Witch

(spoiler free)

‘The Love Witch’ is a horror film which plays on the camp nature of older films from this genre. It is about a witch, Elaine, who uses magic to enchant men and get them to fall in love with her. 495 more words

Cinema Screenings

FlinterFile: The Young Rascals- A Girl Like You

The Young Rascals released their last album in 1967, as they went on as the Rascals after this album. 95 more words


[113] All Manner of Things Shall be Well

I am coming near to the end and I want to do a broad summary. It will be a bit rambling, without any pictures and full of sweeping generalizations. 2,465 more words