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Pot of Gold

If you were to suggest to a Briton that there is anything more important than his morning cup of tea he would probably insist that it was caught and shot immediately.  290 more words



Please forgive my stupid pun. But this past weekend I did one of my favorite things EVER and went to high tea at the Peabody Hotel downtown! 263 more words

no.2 -Anna Daubner

It’s no secret I have a soft spot for 60’s style, and with emerging designers such as Anna Daubner with her elegant a-line dresses and calm pastel colours, it’s becoming a much more accessible style for those who don’t wish to rummage and ramble through thrift stores and vintage shops. 142 more words

Laurel Canyon

I guess sometimes you can find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. Dave McGowan has a website where he has opined on a great many topics, virtually all of his conclusions I disagree with. 556 more words

The Beatles