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Day 6 Success

It was another day I was unsure of. I told you my options were getting limited for Turbo Take off week. It’s kind of a grab bag at this point and I want anything but what’s in that box. 498 more words

A winner never cheats

You may notice that many of my titles involve cheating. This week is exceptionally rough. Last week was not nearly as bad.

I just couldn’t sleep last night apparently. 940 more words

Penny Sized Thoughts

As a short Asian woman (5ft 1in) belonging to one of the largest demographics on this here planet of ours, representation matters. We’re an easy target, we’re smaller so we can’t get away quick enough, or we’re more visible because we are child sized in an adult world, frequently fetishised by orientalists and predators who think we’re easy pickings. 602 more words


London Fashion Week, Size Matters!

London Fashion Week is only a few weeks away; the global fashion phenomenon takes place on the 16th of September 2016.  London Fashion Week is considered as the world’s most popular fashion event. 621 more words

Seems Mighty Suspicious By J.L. Salter

Sometimes things are unnecessarily confusing. Especially when one spouse is a slightly paranoid mystery buff (who’s seen almost every Hollywood classic film from the 1930s and 1940s) and the other spouse is suddenly acting quite suspiciously. 618 more words