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Everything Comes With A Cost (Besides Just Monetary)

As our journey together on this blog draws close to its conclusion, I need to take a moment to be somber. Everything comes at a price. 311 more words


i wont want yuo to cry

on the other side of the

pacific beach there are shiny pebbles on

the shore.  The gems are not specific

colours, but instead they resemble… 113 more words

My 2 Cents' Worth… Does Size Really Matter?

In matters of human anatomy, generalizing about size can be fraught with conundrums. After all… as any open-minded person would concur… it is far, Far, FAR… 207 more words


Penny Sized Thoughts

As a short Asian woman (5ft 1in) belonging to one of the largest demographics on this here planet of ours, representation matters. We’re an easy target, we’re smaller so we can’t get away quick enough, or we’re more visible because we are child sized in an adult world, frequently fetishised by orientalists and predators who think we’re easy pickings. 602 more words


London Fashion Week, Size Matters!

London Fashion Week is only a few weeks away; the global fashion phenomenon takes place on the 16th of September 2016.  London Fashion Week is considered as the world’s most popular fashion event. 621 more words