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#TheDownLow w #LucyLopez - Sad Day for Men!

A new study in England just examined the age-old topic of men’s JUNK SIZE.  And the result is . . . your unimpressive package is perfectly normal.  72 more words


#4 Does the Moon's Gravity Move our Oceans?

“When a mass is present in the above space-time it distorts it so that whilst it remains true that travellng through space causes you to travel through time, travellng through time now causes you to move (accelerate) through space. 

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Here something off the topic, but definitely not off bounds.. SIZE

Before we get in to the details, here is a handful of American “ROCK Stars” known for their assets.

Americans didn’t even reach the global average and find themselves in 61st place out of 80.

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Lost Letters

Lost Letters

Relatively early this frigid dawn

My husband glanced at the clock with a weary yawn

And thought that it was nearly eight

But I assured him it was not so late: 100 more words


Why Preforms Are Micros, Not Small

Preforms are excellent cache containers.  They can be bought cheaply in bulk, are waterproof, are durable, and can be camouflaged in a variety of ways.  However, they are size Micro, not Small. 183 more words

So ... This Dude Requested a Penis Reduction

I won’t give you any context. At least not yet. I’m just going to offer one sentence, one that is factual and actually true, and just see what you immediately think. 432 more words

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