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There's nothing like clothes shopping to strip away your confidence

One of the few perks of being unemployed is time on your hands to exercise and to eat healthily … armed with my fitbit (I laugh in your face you 10,000 steps per day goal!) and myfitnesspal I am dedicated to losing the 7kg gained living abroad and then some. 726 more words

It's not beautiful

I’m struggling with my weight again. Well, ‘again’ is actually wrong because I’ve never stopped struggling with it. My pregnancy got me some more pounds and now I’m clearly not obese or something, but I’m just not skinny anymore. 811 more words


That Is Nine Month Old Anushka!!

That Is Nine Month Old Anushka!!

Over enthusiastic cinema lovers always interpret things in a negative direction. After looking at Anushka in “Oopiri” movie, the hue and cry being made by Baahubali fans is sounding similar.…….Read More……..

She is a modern girl,
With slashed wrists
And coffee stained teeth.
She belongs to the new generation,
One blue pill for breakfast,
One red pill for dinner.
Anorexic is just another size.


Inji Iddupazhagi

Ever since she was a little girl Sweety has been collecting fortune cards from a machine, all of them telling her that happy is beautiful, and goodness and a genuine smile will win the day. 982 more words


Flash Fiction Foray – Jealous #FFF30

This week’s Flash Fiction Foray challenge is to write a short story inspired by the song “Jealous” by Labrinth.

I’m not even going to attempt to capture the raw emotion of Labrinth’s singing in my offering, so instead here’s a light hearted view of jealousy itself. 489 more words