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Tess Holliday Becomes First Size 22 Model To Sign To a Major Agency – But Should There Be A Limit On 'Plus Size' Bodies?

This week, plus size model Tess Holliday (or Tess Munster, as she now goes by) has become the first woman of her size to ever be signed to a major agency. 1,232 more words


LETS: Girls And Their Clothing Problems

I’m not going to discuss the hours girls spend on picking out their clothes and putting on their make up. I understand you want to look good and that takes time. 539 more words

High School

Dress Up: Dress Down

It is really a blessing that I am tiny. Back in 1995 my friend Cheryl Holdsworth (I’m sure she doesn’t remember this) asked me, “What size are you? 49 more words

Modern Woman

Half obese and half size zero
seems nobody is in the clearo
Normalised in two fat tails –
weighed by hated bathroom scales

Most precious goal; both thick and thin… 200 more words


Voluptuous. Somehow the word got a bad name. Like it is a bad thing to have curves or not having a size zero. I feel like everyone feels the pressure to be a size zero or a size two. 103 more words



Insecurity is something that affects us both, and quite probably, most of the population. There’s a nice little article on how to handle it on Hello Giggles, … 125 more words


Size Zero?

They say that all heroes emerge from zero. However that does not mean that slimming yourself and aiming for size zero is the answer to all problems in life. 767 more words