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Fear can motivate.

Hmm. I just noticed a short while ago that the feeling of “feeling fat” has gone away a bit. I feel a bit better.. My tummy is also less… Pronounced. 504 more words


నాగ్ అనుష్క ఫ్లాప్ కాంబినేషన్?

నాగ్ అనుష్క ఫ్లాప్ కాంబినేషన్?

అనుష్క లేటెస్ట్ మూవీ సైజ్ జీరోలో నాగార్జున అతిధిపాత్ర పోషిస్తాడనే న్యూస్ హల్ చల్ చేస్తోంది. అయితే ఆసినిమా ఫ్లాప్………………..Read More…………

Finding Peace with our Bodies through Sewing

I turned to sewing out of sheer desperation.

Changing rooms in clothing shops were woeful experiences – seeing my body under harsh shop lighting; mirrors creating multiple reflections of parts of me that I did not usually see. 522 more words


"Size Zero Fits No-one..."

Have you heard of the term ‘one size fits all’? Well, I am under the firm belief that this is not the case, and that size zero fits absolutely no-one and should be discouraged rather than encouraged in today’s society. 596 more words

Body Image

How Bollywood is Teaching Women to Love Themselves

By Sonya Rehman

Released this year, the Yash Raj production, Dum Laga Ke Haisha, is a Bollywood movie that truly breaks the size zero stereotype. 431 more words

The Film Reel

Do plus sized people deserve nice clothes, Loose Women?

This week another scandal has emerged as ITV’s Loose Women discussed how the fashion industry should or should not promote being an unhealthy size, being size-zero or morbidly obese.   1,023 more words

Current Affairs

In defence of 'not average' sized women - both the skinny and the curvy.

Yesterday, on a live broadcast of ‘Loose Women’, ex (can’t really call her ‘current’, can we) popstar Jamelia stated that any woman who was of an ‘unhealthy body size’ should not be catered for in standard High Street shops. 539 more words