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Types of Rubber Stamp Inks

Simon’s Stamps offers quite a range of ink pads – for different uses, for every color of the rainbow, many sizes up to 9×12″!
Check out our latest post below to help you figure out which option is best for your use: 495 more words

All (known) bodies in our Solar System larger than 320 km in diameter - UPDATED 2017

This is a 2017 update of a very cool image first created by Alan Taylor in 2007. Since then, Dawn and New Horizons probes have visited Vesta, Ceres, Pluto and Charon and imaged them in nice detail. 44 more words


The Big Layout Vs The Small Layout - Part Two - On Scale Planning

We’ve discussed scale before and the way that different hobbies and different manufacturers fiddle and footle when it comes to deciding measurements for model building. Everyone goes their own way and demands that you follow. 477 more words

Skin tags - why do they form?

Skin tags come in many shapes, sizes and on various locations on the body. Skin folds due to obesity are known to be one cause – and indeed skin folds or body folds are a common place to find skin tags. 145 more words


OOWEE Lil Yachty's Hot Cheese Fries

They’re fine. They’re not that hot. I feel like “fries” implies they’re made of potato, but they’re pretty much just Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. I’m more excited about Lil Yachty on the front of the bag because he means you can get a rap name by combining a size and a vehicle. 9 more words


Buying clothes

I’m potentially going to come across as slightly more vain than usual tonight, which isn’t hard sometimes, but I’ve been trying out new things, particularly buying clothes. 377 more words