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The Westfjords

Exploring the Westfjords

Highway 60, heading north

Somewhere in the Westfjords


Highway 60

Highlands, central Westfjords, Highway 61

Highlands, central Westfjords

Coffee stop, Hólmavík… 382 more words


Aurora & Þorrablót

Laupur & Aurora

Me watching the aurora. Photo: Alyson Jackson

Lucia, Sivan, Sarah & Aurora

Skags port & Aurora

Kálfshamarsvik again

Kálfshamarsvik & Sarah being spooky… 591 more words


Skagaströnd musings

Skagaströnd’s version of Dight’s Falls


Loki, Odin & Aurora

Fox & Wolverine

Icelandic horse. Small and fluffy

Icelandic horses. Hardy beasts!

Mt Spákonufell and ice… 300 more words


Road trip to the North!

Marit, Anna and I rented a car and headed north.  I must say that I had an amazing time.  We started the trip off by driving through a tunnel that went under the mountain, no big deal, but then continued to travel under the water across to the other side.  393 more words


Aurora Borealis

Jewellery artist Lucia Gasparovicovica watching the aurora borealis outside the NES studio

Skagaströnd aurora

Skagaströnd aurora

Skagaströnd aurora

Skagaströnd aurora

Skagaströnd aurora turning purple

We’ve all been patiently watching the aurora forecasts waiting for a chance to see the northern lights. 103 more words


Week 1

Even the dead celebrate Christmas

Cemetery with Prophetess Mountain in the background

Prophetess mountain

On the sea cliffs

Behind the sea cliffs

Fellow artists at Borgin Restaurant… 387 more words


The first 24 hours in Skagaströnd

Skagaströnd. The view from my bedroom on arrival 1:54pm

The colours of Skagaströnd

Skagaströnd: Prophetess Mountain

Skagaströnd: Prophetess Mountain

Skagaströnd coastline

View from the studio. First night in town. 425 more words