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[Art] Rebirth

I thought this one would be best with color. This is supposed to be the moment in Astral when Skai uses cephai for the first time, on the surface of Sifur. 56 more words


[Art] Skai Wearing Mystic Mask

I finally finished the updated close-up of Skai. There’s gonna be two other variations of this one: one without the mask, and one with the glass mask the Ouru put on her later in the story (shattered and revealing half of her face).


Ukraine’s Selection Kicks Off! First Qualifiers Known

The Ukrainian national selection began this weekend, with eight of the 24 acts performing for only two spots in the final.  Each heat will feature eight acts, and each heat will only have two qualifiers, meaning the final will be between six acts. 189 more words


Buying our first home

(Source: www.areyouready.sg)


​​Here’s how we decided on what home to buy.

As some of you guys may know, I finally moved in to my home this year. 1,014 more words

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De bomen roesten in het zieke licht

langs somber in zichzelf gekeerde grachten.

In wilde, stormdoorvlaagde regennachten

vertoont de maan een bleek, behuild gezicht… 866 more words

How to incarcerate the nation’s media owners for 60 hours

One way to get rid of a tiresome free press is to instigate a great big purge following a (conveniently incompetent) failed coup. Another, perhaps less dramatic way, is to shut down media outlets that the government dislikes under some pretext, like broadcast licencing. 982 more words