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Dolly's Favorite Things...

The Santa’s Favorite HO bottle came up on my Instagram feed this morning.  I spent a couple of minutes googling Skank and Whore gift ideas and came up with these favorite things for that person we’d most love to throat punch or slam into a brick wall…

Happy Friday!


It Must Have Been Love...

Courtesy of Spouse of a Sex Addict

I think it was Halloween day that I said to my husband, “I guess I was wrong, the skank hasn’t contacted you this month, has she?” He shot me a dirty look and said, “No. 910 more words



Jack at I Am Jack’s Broken Heart asked in his post:

Yet still, I feel like telling Carol again that the affair is 100% her fault.

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How Did It End? The Skank's Walking Papers....

My twitter peeps were discussing the end of their spouse’s affairs and as I got into the conversation, I decided to write a post about it from what he told me.   968 more words



/THôt/ noun: An acronym that stands for “that hoe over there” or “thirsty hoe over there.” The former interpretation is most common and refers to the sexuality and promiscuity of females, usually in a derogatory and offensive way. 21 more words


A Funny Thing...

…happened last month that I kind of put out of my head until recently. I  walked outside one June morning to bring in the newspaper and noticed broken glass instead of the sunroof on my husband’s car. 664 more words


Why Can't We Be Friends?

It was this time two years ago that my husband began his affair. While things have been really good, I’m realizing that it is still a stressor for me. 349 more words