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A Funny Thing...

…happened last month that I kind of put out of my head until recently. I  walked outside one June morning to bring in the newspaper and noticed broken glass instead of the sunroof on my husband’s car. 664 more words

Why Can't We Be Friends?

It was this time two years ago that my husband began his affair. While things have been really good, I’m realizing that it is still a stressor for me. 349 more words

When I Grow Up, I Want to Be Like Mom (unless she's a whore)...

I saw a text message to my husband.  It said, “I stopped by to say hi. Call me if you want. Lynn. My blood started boiling.   656 more words

The Bunny Boiler is Back...

Last night after dinner, my husband planned on going back to the office to work on a file for this morning.  He was tired and instead crashed on the couch and turned on the Bruin’s playoff game.   763 more words

Episode 104: What a Slut - Sexuality & Shaming w/ That Horror Chick Aimee

“Sticks and Stones may hurt my bones, but names will never hurt me.” Whore. SKANK. Hoe bag. Trick. etc. Um, are you sure? Women & teenage girls get harassed on a daily basis with those words and they are most certainly getting hurt by them. 293 more words


Can I have some more, please?

I have been accused of being uncaring.

I am not denying it, but I did have to ask for clarification about WHAT I am not giving a shit about. 626 more words

You Will Never Get Over It...

Something the skank told my husband has been mulling around in my head lately.  She said to him, “She will never get over this,” as not only justification for trying to convince him to leave me and stay with her, but as her wish.   454 more words