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Playlist: The Essential Emo

Break out your skate shoes and black eyeliner! The western world is on the brink of an “emo revival.” Wait, what? Didn’t emo happen like five minutes ago? 120 more words


Nike Mogan Mid 2 - Navy

So, these are something a bit different from what Aaron usually wears…but he loves them.

These are the “skater” trainers.

Skater shoes are a bit chunky, but that all is part of the show. 28 more words


The Skate Shoe Mission

For as long as I can remember I have been on a mission. A mission to find not only the best, but the most consistent skate shoe. 367 more words

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Analog Gravis

Santa Rosa Ski and Sport offers wide selection of Analog Gravis gear to keep you stocked all year long.  Analog outerwear is the just the thing to keep you warm and looking good going down the slopes, while Gravis skateboard shoes are just right anytime.

The Emerica Westgate G6

First impression

Few will disagree that Emerica is a staple of the skateboarding community. They’ve remained on top by consistently melding fashion and function in products that reflect the styles of their riders. 653 more words

Freestyle Skateboarding

Adidas HVW8|Kevin Lyons Skate Shoes

If there’s anyone that takes classic sneakers more seriously than hip hop heads, they’d have to be skateboarders. With all these rappers having shoe deals it’s easy to forget that these brands got comfortable with that sort of collaboration by working with skaters. 23 more words

Curb Weight

Check, check, check, check it out

As with about 50% of the trends on the high street, you can blame Celine’s Phoebe Philo for the current trend for tartan skate shoes. I have to say, I wasn’t sure about it at first (the check looked a little bit too much like cheap laundry bags for my liking) but I’ve really come round to these heritage print sneakers, especially now that you can pick them up for a MUCH lower price than Celine was charging in the summer. 164 more words

Stylish Flat Shoes