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Jart Skateboards Introduces Stewie Petar

Hyped Jart brought this dude to my attention! Never heard of Stewie, but I’m now officially a fan. Tons of solid skating in this edit, but that pop shuvit was bonkers! 15 more words


via lessons in photography: decisive moments, learn to see them coming — Han Dekker

Han is an amazing photographer. This photo has two of my favorite things, art and skateboarding.


TJ Rogers | Battle Commander

Ledge technician TJ Rogers brings the heat in his new Battle Commander! New tricks are hard to come by nowadays, but this edit feels fresh in every sense of the word. 38 more words


Another Grain of Sand

I finally retired it. One last grain of sand from the hourglass still in my sock, leftover from my days as a teen grinding curbs in Claremont. 725 more words


Video Review: Culture Pattern by Ryan Lodzinski

Culture Pattern by Ryan Lodzinski is a local video featuring some of Central Florida’s up and coming talent. Featuring Tyler Lodzinski, Dan Miles, Dustin Drakesmith, Alex Szlabonyi, Dakota Berube, Corban Wartenberg, Koal Maddalena, Kyle Fansher, Beau Haines, and Drew Fall. 272 more words