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Five Ways to Get Better at Skateboarding and Have More Fun

Like most beginner skateboarders, you want to get better at skateboarding.

It’s much more fun going to the skatepark when you have tricks to bring with you. 371 more words


The goFlow Skateboard Community Rules

In truth, all of the goFlow community rules, no matter which sports your prefer. We have been especially impressed by some of the recent pics and videos the skateboarding community has been posting in the app lately and decided it was time to pay them some respect and share a few of our favorite pics with the rest of world.   262 more words


Joe Perrin 'Relapse Of The Mohicans'

Joe Perrin and the Skeletons team up with OJ Wheels for the release of ‘Relapse Of The Mohicans’, a video release to celebrate the release of the… 47 more words




I busted my ass yesterday while learning to skate. I decided to go skate with a mutual friend instead of my “pro-skater” boyfriend cuz I honestly was bored and wasn’t patient enough for him to finish whatever he was doing at the time. 265 more words

Four Day Weekend

   Wow another great week of school, and now that volleyball season started it’s hard to skate and hang out with friends during the week. That’s why presidents weekend was great to catch up with some friends, skate, and have fun. 621 more words



Your passions can lead to wealth.Fitness and wealth can go together . Here are a few examples.

  • Kelly Slater-surfer  $3,500,705
  • John John Florence-surfer $5 million…
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Another Zoom Dunk Elite is coming next month

Brand: Nike SB

Sneaker: Zoom Dunk Elite Low

When: 3.2

Check out our GOFUNDME

The Zoom Dunk Elite Low is rolling with full steam as another color way is shown off, HEY NIKE IF YOU’RE READING THIS PLEASE DROP THE HIGH VERSION. 34 more words