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Skateboarding in Hutong

This is my favorite picture of all the ones I took in Beijing. Because it captures the feel of Beijing. How international it is, how hip it is, how modern it is and how traditional it is. 62 more words


Something interesting: Life

You know that feeling that you get when you have inspiration running through your veins? The feeling that you have to do something towards this new found idea right away because nothing else matter as much as this? 541 more words


Activities to do in London

Hyde Park

When people think of what to do in London, they instantly question the price of the activity or event? From my experience, there are a variety of… 625 more words


Writings on the Wall: Documenting London’s underground graffiti scene

For twelve whole months, documentary photographer Marc Vallée tagged along with one of London’s graffiti crews, silently painting the city in defiance of the law. Before the launch and exhibition of Marc’s self-published zine in Berlin this month, T&F explore the politics of art in this special city. 123 more words