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Facebook Findings: Feminism in Action (Sports) edition

I’ve seen a few of posts on my Facebook feed featuring women in action sports.  A couple of them even tie into a “Feminism in Action (Sports)” post I am planning to write.  389 more words


Spitfire x Skateistan Collab Wheels! 

The new Spitfire X Skateistan wheel designed by skateboarding legend Lance Mountain, has been released to support Skateistan, an international non-profit organization using skateboarding to engage, educate and empower at-risk youth in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. 77 more words


Sick ladies in the Cyclades - MUMC reunion

The summer is over, I have a new laptop (we had a break-in at our place… both laptops stolen = boo!), and it’s time to catch up on some writing. 1,126 more words


International Day Of Peace, September 21st. 

Today, is International Day of Peace, first observed in 1982 and sometimes unofficially referred to as World Peace Day. It is a day that is recognised globally, as a time to cease fire – whether personally or politically. 423 more words


Book project: "Skateistan – The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan"

Between 2010 and 2012 I managed production on a book profiling the first five years of the Skateistan non-profit organization’s work, entitled “Skateistan – The Tale of Skateboarding in Afghanistan.” 117 more words


Q&A discussion on Skateistan 18/5/15

Source: www.tveeder.com

Excerpt from live transcript of Q&A (ABC1, 18.5.15) in which Skateistan was briefly referenced

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Skater girls and Biker chicks in the Middle East

There is something happening in the Middle East right now, and it doesn’t have anything to do with bombs, oil, or politics.  But it does involve some badass chicks on wheels. 458 more words