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Skateboarding school sounds pretty awesome, right? Who wouldn’t want to spend their days learning to Ollie and Pop Shove in the sunshine? Australian skateboarder Oliver Percovich recognised just how much potential skateboarding has, opening ‘Skateistan’ in 2007, his non-profit skate school. 598 more words

The Two Patriarchies, and Why Skateistan Rules

On International Women’s Day I noticed on my Facebook newsfeed a lot of celebration of women from developing countries, and countries that have had a history of oppressing women. 1,045 more words


Time Capsule

In about a month my good friend Rhianon will be coming through Vancouver for a visit. There are a few reasons why I am really excited about this. 788 more words


The Pigeon Plan

We’ve seen wonderful charitable projects that had quite an impact on the lives of kids in areas shattered by war, natural catastrophes and social marginalisation by threading new, alternative paths. 310 more words


Selling Gum and Skateboarding in Kabul

During the last five years working at Skateistan I was asked a couple times to write stories for external media, and even a column for the Huffington Post. 735 more words


Meet Afghanistan's Badass Girl Skateboarders !!! 40% Of Afghanistan’s Skateboarders Are Female ! (10 Images)

Founder Oliver Percovich started out with just three skateboards and a dream in 2007, but has since made Kabul his permanent home and dedicated his life to Skateistan, which now also has an arm in Cambodia. 15 more words


400 Skateboards Have the Power of 400 Troops in Afghanistan

By Re

400— Turkey has announced to deploy an additional 400 troops to Afghanistan next year. There are 400 Australian Defense Force personnel still deployed in Afghanistan. 1,060 more words

Women To Watch