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Simple free styling 

A quick project with just one skein of yarn.

Hands On - Happy-go-Knitty

When I turned up for the Hands On shoot with Helene of Happy-go-Knitty it was pouring with rain and I hadn’t brought any lights with me. 102 more words



Deepening autumn—

the sky fills with cirrus clouds

and long skeins of geese.


Soaring Leaves #DailyHaikuChallenge

Autumn’s wind rises
Skeins of migratory geese
Take off like bronzed leaves

Day 9/365 – Morgan’s #DailyHaikuChallenge.  Join in and link back to her blog.

Poetry Forms

Square burst of colours

Just learning how to crochet a square. Not exactly sure where it will lead me.Decided to add a black border around the finished square. Played with adding stitches, to make the border ruffle up somewhat. 10 more words

Marvel HeroClix Wish-List: Gypsy Moth! (or "Skein")(v1.1)

Gypsy Moth! Well, She calls herself “Skein” now. “What’s a ‘skein’?” you may ask. According to Google: “a length of thread or yarn, loosely coiled and knotted; a tangled or complicated arrangement, state, or situation (“the skeins of her long hair”); a flock of wild geese or swans in flight, typically in a V-shaped formation.” 336 more words


Hand-Dyed Pearl Cotton/ Embroidery Floss Tutorial

I’ve been wanting to do this tutorial for a while now and FINALLY got around to taking pictures during my process.

If you’ve ever wanted to dye your own embroidery floss or pearl cotton, this is an easy method with great results. 1,823 more words