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Reconstructing the skull of Aquilops

As I mentioned in my first post on Aquilops, I drew the skull reconstructions that appear in figure 6 of the paper (Farke et al. 1,111 more words


How long was the torso of Dreadnoughtus?

In a comment on the last post, on the mass of Dreadnoughtus, Asier Larramendi wrote:

The body mass should be considerably lower because the reconstructed column don’t match with published vertebrae centra lengths.

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Tutorial 15c: The bones of the ornithischian skeleton

Readers with long memories might recall that, nearly two years ago, we published annotated skeletal reconstructions of Camarasaurus and of Tyrannosaurus, with all the bones labelled. 80 more words


How dense are birds? Some new (old) data. Also, hummingbirds and ketchup.

I recently reread Dubach (1981), “Quantitative analysis of the respiratory system of the house sparrow, budgerigar and violet-eared hummingbird”, and realized that she reported both body masses and volumes in her Table 1. 672 more words

Stinkin' Theropods

PeerJ launches today! (and we're in it!)

Today our paper on sauropod neck anatomy is formally published in PeerJ.

There’s not much new to say about the paper, since we posted it to arXiv last year and told the world about it then ( 1,294 more words

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Rapetosaurus is Just Plain Wrong

You may remember this:

…which I used to make this:

…and then this:

The middle image is just the skeleton from the top photo cut out from the background and dropped to black using ‘Levels’ in GIMP, with the chevrons scooted up to close the gap imposed by the mounting bar. 375 more words


The giant Oklahoma Apatosaurus: OMNH 1670 redux

In the recent post on OMNH 1670, a dorsal vertebra of a giant Apatosaurus from the Oklahoma panhandle, I half-promised to post the only published figure of this vertebra, from Stovall (1938: fig. 955 more words