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Crews Digging For Gravel Find Skeletal Remains; Possibly 1,000-Year-Old Native American

HUDSON, Mich. (AP) – Crews digging for gravel in southern Michigan have found skeletal remains including a human skull.

State police responded on Thursday following the discovery near Hudson, about 75 miles southwest of Detroit, and determined that the bones likely are too old to be connected to a recent death. 80 more words


Officials Determine Most Of Remains Found Sunday Weren't Human

OWINGS MILLS, Md. (WJZ) — Officials have determined that most of the skeletal remains found Sunday aren’t human.

People walking in the woods found a skull and police found more remains. 18 more words

Gas Station Rewards Card Helps Identify Skeletal Remains

GAINES TOWNSHIP, Mich. (AP/WWJ) – A gas station customer rewards card helped authorities identify a man’s skeletal remains found in a wooded area near a popular trail in western Michigan. 157 more words


Skeletal remains found near Pali lookout linked to missing couple

One set of skeletal remains found near the Pali lookout has been identified.

That identification marks a new development in a missing persons case from 2013. 149 more words


Oldest human genome dug up in Spain’s pit of bones

A 400,000-year-old genome from ancient human bone could herald a missing link species – taking us closer than ever to our common ancestor with Neanderthals… 1,227 more words


Skeletal Remains, Personal Items Found In Southern New Jersey Woods

RICHLAND, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — New Jersey State Police late Thursday were trying to identify a set of skeletal remains that were discovered in a wooded area in Atlantic County. 202 more words


Skeletal Remains - Condemned to Misery (2015)

Author: Jan Jakobsen (VENOM_IST_FALSE)
Artist: Skeletal Remains
Album: Condemned to Misery
Label: F.D.A. Rekotz

Skeletal Remains is a California based death metal band that released their debut full-length… 561 more words