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I was prepared to begin writing the “ethnography” of my recent Incarceration at Erie County Prison of which I have plenty of notes and thoughts. I think instead I will let that simmer and possibly develop into a more academic and presentable paper for the  1,950 more words


Tell me if you’ve heard this one.

It’s a typical grey Portland afternoon and I’m walking to the Downtown Rack when my reverie is disturbed by a male voice shouting “sinner” in my general direction. 362 more words

Fake Yogi Video: Supernatural Powers, skeptic team teaching Hindus

Sometimes the Forest not let you see the Tree, this is something that you will need to deal all the time while you are meditating and getting to know things about yourself, the world, the truth or anything where you focus is on. 107 more words


Short story

Here is a short story I wrote in my notes, on my phone. It’s a thought that came to me that there is no social interaction, no community anymore. 281 more words


With A Twinkle In Their Eyes They Come To My Door To Proselytize 🤦🏻‍♂️

My friends, and I know that you are because I feel it in my soul. You know, gods tether. I will no longer give the seemingly well intended a free pass. 73 more words

Aka, Your Loving God.

Well here we are. I bet you’re puzzled by my hostile attitude towards Christians.

Hard to fathom is it. You do understand that atheism is simply the rejection of the existence of anything supernatural. 166 more words

31 Questions

Christian Apologetics & Research Ministry (CARM) with apologist Matt Slick posted a list of 31 questions for atheists to answer. Many atheists rose to the occasion (or challenge?) and you can find their answers in blogs and YouTube videos around the net. 2,632 more words