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When America was the dimming beckon of failing potential.

I was discharged from the Army in November 1969 thus ending my conscripted service as a small arms infantry spit receptacle and derided baby killer. A homecoming to a remember. 716 more words


ADHD Vs. The Three -isms: Skepticism, Ageism, and Sexism

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (or as I like to call it the global warming of disorders, you know, because of how people argue about whether it’s real or not? 823 more words

Were We Created to Stroke God's Ego?

This question and many, MANY more regarding God & his way of doing things have majorly bothered, irked, and confused me starting as far back as I can remember. 2,646 more words


Is Atheism a Choice?

The most stressful part of me becoming an atheist has been my experience hiding my unbelief from my mother, subsequently coming out to her, and having to deal with her reaction. 1,430 more words


When the comet comes it’ll all make sense!

When The Comet Comes we’re gonna kiss the sky

We’re gonna play guitars,

When the Earth collides with Mars

As a white horse rides with the falling stars… 240 more words


Killing my inner child

Depending on the day my routine changes. Being flexible and open minded is a must for me to get through the day with minimal cynicism. I’m not sure if I was born a grumpy skeptic, or raised to be this way. 241 more words


An Introduction to Skepticism

As a skeptical thinker, I think it is important to start by explaining what it means to be skeptic, to describe what it is, what it is not, and how it applies to Mormonism. 367 more words