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#AtoZChallenge 2017 Skeptic

A skeptical character is very similar to a judgemental character. A skeptic is someone who is inclined to question or doubt all accepted opinions. Skeptical characters are bound to question everything about their own society, especially if something is wrong with that society. 100 more words


The Impossibility of Atheism: Question One

Christian apologetics is a branch of theology that attempts to rationalize the existence of God through philosophical, historical, and science-based arguments. According to Bethinking.org, the apologetics movement began around second century AD. 277 more words


Why should I believe in Evolution? Here's the evidence.

Surprisingly, many people don’t seem to believe in evolution. The interesting thing is, evolution is just as much fact as any other scientific theory. Now many mention the fact that I use the term “theory” when talking about evolution so they think it’s just some theoretical conspiracy, just a way it might be. 642 more words


God is real enough. 

The freaky friggin thing is real, sort of. It manifests in the real world constantly. Well, it doesn’t come out of hiding exactly. It’s existence is solely dependent upon and reveled in the thinking and actions of its adherents, aka its flock. 327 more words


I'm Thinking of Ending Things

I just read this book called, “I’m thinking of ending things” by Iain Reid. The first page grabbed me.


I’m thinking of ending things. 843 more words

April 2017

The Skeptical Thomas

For those not familiar with the phrase ‘Doubting Thomas’,  it references the story in the bible where, Thomas, doubts the resurrection of Jesus until he witnesses and feels the wounds on Jesus’ hands. 737 more words

Critical Thinking

GP Sceptics podcast 9: The Environment



Justin dons his finest lycra and tackles Dr George Crisp, WA chair of Doctors for the Environment Australia.

How do health gains in the doctor’s surgery stack up against environmental and population-based interventions?  95 more words