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Sit Down, Metaphysics

Metaphysics.  Metaphysics is the study that drew me to philosophy.  I wanted to understand the mysteries of the Universe.  I wanted to meet gods.  I wanted to discover some secret law of physics that allowed me to will my body to be able to contain enough power to literally manifest any ounce of my will.   1,399 more words

The Dream Quadrant

Christian Suppositories and Early Church Doctrines

Hermeneutics is an essential part of the Christian faith. Without understanding the intent of passages, the beauty of wordplay, and the important social issues of the time, one can easily begin to develop new belief systems, doctrines, and theologies out of good intentions. 456 more words


Christian Arguments that Don’t Work

If you engage with Christians long enough about reasons to believe, you’ll eventually hear a certain kind of argument.  It goes like this.

Skeptic: I’m just not a person of faith.  859 more words


You Are Lonely and Stupid. I Hope God and the Aliens Laugh at You.

Discourse on the topic of extraterrestrial life is taboo in mainstream society, which is something that has dumbfounded me consistently about humanity. You accept you are alone because it is all you know. 520 more words


What if you were placed in a labrynth without your consent?

What if someone kidnapped you and trapped you in a deadly labyrinth. Within the labyrinth there are very specific rules you must follow. You can only escape the labyrinth if you follow the rules and maps, but here’s the catch, there are multiple sets of contradictory rules and maps inscribed on the walls. 252 more words


Brad OH Inc. Partnership with ‘Trolling with Logic’

Today, we here at Brad OH Inc. are happy to announce that we’ve been invited to share our posts with a brand new source. The good folks over at ‘ 140 more words

Brad OH Inc.

#10: Six Lines

I’m feeling less worried today for multiple reasons. I stopped seeing pink yesterday, after 2.5 days of spotting. What a relief.

Today was my third positive pregnancy test in as many days. 325 more words