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Mary forgives Jesus for being grumpy #doubtingthomas

Mary Magdalene

Saturday July 22

I’m writing on the Sabbath again, but they have all gone off to the synagogue and it’s the first time I’ve had any peace in a while.  245 more words

It's not the End of the World #doubtingthomas

The disciples start to fall out among themselves, especially when it comes to giving all their own money away

Thomas, Friday  July 21

Today began uneventfully.  803 more words

Tom sees events in a different light #doubtingthomas

Thomas grudgingly accepts that the day went well but thinks Peter is getting it all wrong

Thursday July 20

Must say today didn’t go too badly.  414 more words

Open Air Meeting a Major Success for Jesus #doubtingthomas

Jesus writes a very long diary entry about a wildly successful day, and comes to a neat conclusion

Thursday July 20

Wow!  There must have been over a thousand men there today, not counting the women and children, so perhaps two to three thousand altogether.  1,285 more words

Tom Plots Revenge #doubtingthomas

How could they go ahead with a major public meeting without him?

Thomas, Wednesday July 19

Big day tomorrow.  I hope they enjoy it.  Jesus has gone ahead despite my problems, and seems to prefer getting that fool Peter to organise things to talking to me now.  35 more words

Jesus thinks Peter and Tom can work together #doubtingthomas

Is Jesus deluded?

Jesus, Wednesday July 19

I must get a good night’s sleep before the big day tomorrow.  Everyone’s done all they can on their publicity tours, so we’ll just have hope it’s been enough to get a decent crowd. 42 more words

Jesus feels guilty #doubtingthomas

Matthew forgives a servant who has been cheating him and the other servants, and Jesus gets a parable out of it

Jesus, Tuesday July 18… 1,274 more words