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Anti-Skeptics are out of touch with the public

There is much ado, again, about soft targets in skepticism – the topics that are easily dismissed, should be ignored, are a waste of time and effort. 882 more words



Bread to flesh I once believed,
In saving grace with celiac disease.
But the lord of hosts is a bit grainy,
And my gut says he isn’t gluten free.
-Skeptic Steve


Is there a place for me?

Is there room in contemporary Christian culture for a man who can no longer recite the Nicene Creed without strategically clearing his throat at every third word? 80 more words


It Just Isn't Convincing

I remember being trained as a missionary to testify of each principle I was teaching to invite the Spirit, because the Spirit is what converts.  In other words, sharing my testimony was the best tactic for convincing those we were teaching that we had the Truth.   443 more words