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If the Candidates say it - it's Probably not True

You know credulity has gone too far when both candidates of an American Presidential Election are spreading conspiracy theories – and people believe them! On one side, the trailing candidate is claiming that the system is rigged, triggering a huge backlash of voters crying foul. 469 more words

Daily News

Is immortality just too damn long?

Today’s post is on the topic of vampires.  You might know a little about this guy named Count Dracula, title character from Bram Stoker’s novel.  However, most of what I know about the immortal beings called vampires doesn’t come from this classic novel, but from my love of the show… 383 more words


i fell down a youtube comment rabbit hole

I sometimes search Youtube for ambient music to play while I’m working. Recently I came across a recording that some consider to be the greatest new age album ever made. 490 more words

Personal And None Of Your Business

Mothman and the MiB

Have you ever heard of Point Pleasant, West Virginia? No? Well I’m not surprised; I mean, it is in West Virginia after all (no offense, WV).   319 more words


Positive Atheism

I started this blog to promote positive atheism, secular humanism, science, education and the separation of church and state. If you want to get involved, there are many groups on the web and social media which would love to have you as a member. 12 more words

Our supernaturally imperfect world

The world of the paranormal is full of imperfections.  There are no really concrete ways of proving ghosts or aliens are real (not yet, anyway).  The firm believers would probably say that they can prove certain aspects of the paranormal but the “proof” they offer isn’t concrete enough for the average person. 257 more words


Cerca Trova

Cerca Trova

Seek and you shall find…

Many of us bilingually challenged Americans enjoy reaching out to other languages for phrases to somehow help make our point clearer.  535 more words