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Monsters are real

What is a monster? Are they the stories that were told as kids such as the Slender Man and the Bogey Man. Combine that with an hyperactive imagination and what is consider to be fiction, it seems to become a reality in which it leads us to hiding under the covers of our duvets. 607 more words

Atheism: A Movement With No Rules

Due to recent developments in my country this week I’ve been thinking a lot about why people are against certain things like abortion…gay marriage…stricter gun laws…and it certainly seems like most of the time people are against or for these “hot button issues” because of their religious preference. 690 more words

why some christians can't understand me?...

This post will be totally different and much shorter from my previous one and will contain some personal opinion that others might find offensive though that is not my intention. 438 more words

Question About God Question About Bible Question About Christianity Doubts About God Doubts About The Bible

Deconstruction of Ambiguosity

Those earliest memories

Nested within the flesh

We lay our claims upon

I am all that came before me

The solipsist, just another skeptic


Owed to the Skeptic


The skeptic slips across

Floats above, reality

Surface of the world

Here and now

Above the rough bonds

Constraints of common experience

Beyond the reach… 69 more words


An interview with Ash Pryce

‘If someone is using trickery to convince someone they have supernatural abilities then that is fraud and we should be stopping them, exposing them for what they are like when Randi exposes Peter Popoff.’

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