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Thomas, Saturday February 24 #shockandawe

Safely back after a long, awe-struck day.  Nothing can prepare you for the sheer immensity and grandeur and perfection of the Temple.  For the likes of Peter, an old man in his forties from a simple village background, it was almost too much to take in.  443 more words

You're Not Going to Believe What I'm Going To Tell You

From “You’re Not Going to Believe What I’m Going To Tell You”, from The Oatmeal/ Matthew Boyd Inman.

You’re Not Going to Believe What I’m Going To Tell You. 123 more words


Thomas, Thursday February 22 #doubtingthomas

People were restless today, torn between the urge to get back out preaching and wanting to wait for Jesus and the others so we can all be together for the final weeks. 142 more words

Thomas, Wednesday February 21

Still no Jesus but Peter and the other four who had been touring together for the past three weeks returned today, so there was plenty of bustle and noise.  373 more words

Thomas, Tuesday February 20

Arrived in Bethany this evening to discover Jesus had gone off on another tour a few days ago with the remaining apostles, including Simon.  The other five are still out on the road too.  574 more words

Mary Magdalene, Monday February 19 #marymagdalene

I visited Jesus’ mum this morning.  She and Joseph never said much to each other but she seems less alive with him not around.  She’s still a mixture of proud that Jesus is leading a successful mission and worried that he (a) is leaving it very late to get a proper job and settle down, and (b) could get himself into trouble. 69 more words

Asking For Proof

In science, an observer states his results along with the “probable error”; but who ever heard of a theologian or a politician stating the probable error in his dogmas, or even admitting that any error is conceivable? 1,095 more words