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Mary Magdalene, Monday September 18

Cyrus left yesterday on an impressive-looking camel, not that my head is turned by such displays of wealth.  He has been so good to me, resolving the dispute with Matthias, buying my grape crop, organising the entire harvest and treading process, and completely transforming the squalid disorganised huddle of hundreds of tents at the edge of my farm into an orderly, almost military, campsite. 115 more words

Book Review - The Dragons of Eden

Until now, my coverage of Carl Sagan’s The Dragons of Eden has been on a chapter to chapter basis presented in the “Read Along” section of the blog. 493 more words

Carl Sagan

The Churches' Hellish Teaching About Hell

Some years ago, during my morning walk, my thoughts were about the various religions of the world. Each religion has its own theme. There is a religion of fear, a religion of sex (phallic worship), a religion of legalism, a religion of hedonism, and even a religion of ultimate personal extinction, or nirvana. 6,693 more words

The Bible Made Plain

Thomas, Sunday September 17

It’s almost sunset, when New Year will commence.  I might not write much in the days ahead in case it distracts me at such an important time.  164 more words

Thomas, Saturday September 16

Peter made everyone in the camp pray all day today and not have anything to eat until after sunset.  This is traditionally a period of repentance but there’s usually an element of joy and hope about it.  220 more words

Climate Change: Why I No Longer Believe. . .

I used to be a Warmist, strongly believing that CO2 emissions were a dire threat to the biosphere on earth from a runaway greenhouse effect. 5,352 more words

Conditions in the camp worsen

Jesus worries about Peter’s aggressive behaviour and about the increase in infectious diseases, which faith does not seem able to cure.

Jesus, Thursday September 14… 491 more words