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Gems 2.74

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For the Believer

“When people say they can’t see the good coming from the pain, my answer is that it’s not our job to know. 410 more words


GP Sceptics podcast 5: Lyme disease...don't get sold a lemon



To coincide with today’s Senate inquiry on how to catch Lyme Disease in Australia (short version – you can’t), Justin and Liz interview infectious disease expert Prof Frank Bowden, from Australian National University. 127 more words


The case against homeopathy in Bristol

In a recent report by Buzzfeed on NHS funded homeopathic care in the UK, Bristol and London were revealed to be the last two places patients could receive homeopathy from the National Health Service. 1,030 more words


Isaiah 42 - Dissociative Identity Disorder

Today’s Chocolate: Chocolove Coffee Crunch in Dark Chocolate

Today’s PassageIsaiah 42

This chapter marks the first of Isaiah’s “Servant songs,” a series of poems that describe the Lord’s servant. 567 more words


GP Sceptics podcast 4: Addiction



Justin and Liz invite Dr Hester Wilson into the pod to chew on some baclofen; is it really the latest promising drug for alcohol addiction? 102 more words


Looking For Magic

Just like any community, the witch community is peppered with people who are a bit archaic in their thinking. Just like how our ancestors would create stories about the Gods and fantastical beings to explain things they did not fully understand, there are those in the witch community who still do the same. 872 more words

Understanding Evidence: P-Hacking

The topic for this week is pee-hacking: how the government controls your bladder funct—oh wait, wrong p-hacking. Fired that editor… The real topic for this week is p-hacking, but what does that even mean and how is it related to skepticism? 1,851 more words