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The Gospel of 'Meh': The Danger of Apatheism

Erik Manning describes how a large number of people are apathetic to the question of God, or religion. They just don’t care. In my own experience, I believe this is true. 31 more words


Ep. 27 - Chick Tracts

In this episode we talk Jack Chick and his famous offensive little comic books, Chick Tracts. From This Was Your Life, a story of someone dying then seeing their life on the big screen and then being tossed in hell, to Tiny Shoes, a story of a kid wanting tiny shoes but his dad being too drunk to get them, to Death Cookie, a story of catholic communion wafers being demonic, we cover it all. 66 more words


On Being Logical, Rational, Scientific or Skeptical

My dad and I used to watch Finding Bigfoot, and I remember how the group’s skeptic came across. I got a glimpse into how the mind of someone like that thinks. 857 more words


Podcast: Episode 15: Easter Round Table with Skeptics and Seekers


It’s time for another Round Table episode; Andrew and Matthew are joined by Dale and David from the Skeptics and Seekers podcast for another of their regular round tables. 19 more words


Nations nuggets. Dear god believers;

Who the heck do you think we are?

Except for the god question atheists believe in most of the things as everyone else. We’re your neighbors, we have families, we are educated, we participate in all forms of altruism, we are veterans, we believe in our democracy, we vote and we hold our personal and civil liberties dear. 211 more words



Skepticism runs in our blood
Why would I say that?
Because skepticism is an attitude of doubt or means lack of sureness. Earlier it was used as uncertainty of knowledge, suspicious about faith in religion, unwilling to believe hypothesis but now it has become the inability to make a decision. 309 more words


Do you believe in miracles? Have you or someone you know ever witnessed one? 173 more words