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When the Skeptic is Right

If you’ve been reading my blog, you know I’m a skeptic. If you haven’t been reading for a while, welcome!  Hi, I’m Elizabeth Drake, romance author, Gen-Xer, and skeptic. 1,070 more words

Jesus, Thursday 25 May

The things I am learning!  I don’t think of them as tricks or techniques, more as ways of liberating my latent abilities and channelling the power of God.  512 more words

Doubting Thomas

Re: Your Distrust in the Gospels

Dear Doubting Thomas, You said you don’t know if you can trust the books of the New Testament. You said, “After all, there are lots of gospels that were never chosen for the Bible.” Well, there are actually good reasons why those gospels were never chosen. 133 more words


Open for Comment: IESB Proposed Application Material relating to Professional Skepticism & Professional Judgment

How can experts tell whether a corporation is heading for a scandalous fail?

Call it micro-management if you like, but it really is important to achieve greater understanding of how auditors assess risks, and how they assess the ways they… 299 more words


Jesus, Monday 22 May

I finally fell asleep just before dawn, and when I awoke the sun had almost finished climbing the side of the sky.  Mary must have risen long ago but I was aware of someone looking down at me.  627 more words

Doubting Thomas

Jesus, Sunday 21 May

Most healers I have heard of wander from place to place, healing as they go, accepting offers of food and drink and sometimes small sums of money from the grateful people they have cured.  1,329 more words

Doubting Thomas

How Thomas Gets A Raw Deal

Read John 11:7-16.

Last post from the book of John we looked at, what it looks like, when God doesn’t make sense. The post from the book of John before that one, we looked at… 1,219 more words

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