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US science and math scores on the rise! (for now)

Finally! The United States students have scored better in mathematics and science! The National Assessment of Educational Progress has been following American students throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s and have found dramatic increases in the US’s math and science scores – and that’s good news internationally. 336 more words

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I don't believe you really believe.

I am perpetually baffled by people who claim to love The Bible, people who claim to believe it was written or inspired by the creator of the universe, yet it is left untouched. 39 more words



I am a skeptic. For as far back as I can remember I have always been skeptical. It’s just the way my brain works I guess. 292 more words

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How Physics Opened My Mind to the Idea of 'God' Part 2

I recently watched a debate between Deepak Chopra (dubbed “the controverisal New Age guru” by the New York Times), a renowned writer and M.D., versus Michael Shermer, founder of “Skpetic” magazine, and author Sam Harris, regarding whether or not there is a scientific basis for God. 860 more words

The Good Good Father vs. The Straw god

A true tragedy within contemporary culture is the great amount of people, some even claiming to be Christians, who do not understand the character of God. 1,802 more words


Closet Sexists

In my daily life, I was surprised to find myself in a room full of adults declaring women cannot hold political office. I was astounded! It really makes one think of what they think about the women around them, or indeed themselves (as some were women themselves). 259 more words

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When Jesus' Words Are Hard To Hear

Read John 6:59-71.

Last post from the book of John we saw Jesus speaking of how he would give himself for the sake of the world using bread and blood as a metaphor. 1,205 more words

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