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A Skeptic Encounters Jesus - August 4 2015

Thomas was a skeptic.  While others were affirming their belief in the risen Jesus, Thomas refused to believe. Jesus appeared to Thomas and invited him to touch the wounds in his hands and side. 17 more words


For Skeptics and Believers: What draws me to Christianity

At the outset I admit, without being trite, that it’s Jesus who attracts me to the Christian faith. The most attractive quality of Jesus is the way he shows us the character of God that is loving, and forgiving. 721 more words



These lyrics that promise
Unconditional Love,
Merciful Healing,
Eternal Bliss.
They latch onto my soul,
Stirring it until I am overwhelmed with
waves of curiosity and skepticism. 33 more words

The X-Files - Field Trip (Review)

This July, we’re taking a trip back in time to review the sixth season of The X-Files and the third (and final) season of Millennium… 4,936 more words

The X-Files

Please. Let's stop taking advantage of ignorant people.

According to psychic charlatan Karen Anderson (I mean “animal communicator”), she has exchanged some words with Cecil, the deceased lion.

English words.

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When Church Isn't Safe: The Lament of a Young Christian Skeptic

*Disclaimer: This is just my opinion. This does not represent any particular church or organization. This particular post is not aiming to criticize any particular communities of faith, rather to give all faith communities something to consider. 1,106 more words


birds of a cranky feather

Creationists, global warming denialists, anti-vaccine proponents – what do they have in common? They all think scientific consensus is either outright wrong or just an opinion put forth for some political or monetary reason. 197 more words