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Truthseeking and Why it Matters

As a somewhat outspoken atheist, my wife has often asked me things like:

Why does it matter? Can’t you just let people be? They should be allowed to think what they want… And who are… 1,807 more words


The Forer-Barnum Effect.

I’ve always ignored horoscopes on a sceptical dismissiveness, but only recently have I been able to pinpoint exactly why.

Every single horoscope could be applied to anybody in any situation at any given time. 689 more words


interview with the amazing randi

Recommended: Interview with Randi on The Nerdist podcast. The interview begins about five minutes into the podcast.

If you’ve seen the film, An Honest Liar,  160 more words

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Response to "Where'd Everybody Go?" by Pure Mormonism

Rock Waterman, author of the blog Pure Mormonism, is a name to be had for good and bad in the greater Mormon community. (His positions have been summarized nicely by John Dehlin… 446 more words


first Sunday after.

Last Sunday was the first time in 6 years that I attended church as myself. That is, I attended my church with no false pretenses. I even wore something that I wouldn’t normally wear, not immodest or anything, just different to what the ‘general’ congregation would expect of me. 546 more words


No, Being a Climate Change Skeptic Isn’t Like Fearing Vaccines

Stephen Moore — The Daily Signal — March 22, 2015

National Geographic’s latest cover story generated lots of attention for comparing climate change skeptics to those who fear vaccinations, disbelieve NASA’s moon landing, and oppose water fluoridation.

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Bird Hypnotism! Not a miracle, just a trick!

I have very few cool skills, what others might call “party tricks”. Some people can juggle. Some can stand on their heads. Some sing. I can do none of those. 379 more words