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This Week in Pseudoscience

It was kind of a slow week for the weird and wooful. Measles still dominates the news, creationists and Bill Maher tried to science and failed, some lady lifts things with her minge, Food Babe and supplement makers tried to lie, and Val Kilmer apparently has a death wish. 128 more words


"When, however, we speak of philosophy..."

“When, however, we speak of philosophy as a criticism of knowledge, it is necessary to impose a certain limitation. If we adopt the attitude of the complete skeptic, placing ourselves wholly outside all knowledge, and asking, from this outside position, to be compelled to return within the circle of knowledge, we are demanding what is impossible, and our skepticism can never be refuted. 104 more words


Vaccination Op-Ed (Lexington Herald Leader 05 Feb 2015)

I’m grateful to the Lexington Herald Leader for publication of an op-ed piece I wrote on Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s uninformed comments on vaccinations.  Both Paul and New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have made potentially damaging comments on the topic this week. 95 more words


The God of Excuses

God always gets off the hook. Somehow he manages to not only worm his way out of any fault, but get the praise for everything good. 753 more words


A Great Vaccine Debate On CNN

In case you missed it, CNN hosted a fun debate last night (Thursday, January 29).1

Dr. Armand Dorian gets my vote for Man of the Year for calling out “Dr.” Jack Wolfson over his unscientific positions on vaccines and the current measles outbreak in California and 13 other states.  636 more words




Whereas astrology is a load of complete dingos’ kidneys which makes no sense in terms of the empirically established laws of astrophysics; and

Whereas… 60 more words


Lost without an address

Man has always lost his way. He has been a tramp ever since Eden; but he always knew, or thought he knew, what he was looking for. 92 more words