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Ill Communication – A talk by Dr David Robert Grimes

How The Media Gets Science Coverage Wrong (And How We Can Make It Better)

Science and medicine have transformed our lives immeasurably, and never in history have they been more central to our lives and well-being. 163 more words

Skeptics In The Castle

Ena Valikov's Monsanto Fact Checking Leaves Much To Be Desired

California veterinarian Ena Valikov is an outspoken anti-GMO crusader.  If you’ve ever clashed with her on social media before (I have), it’s an experience you won’t soon forget. 622 more words


Improving CEU Courses

A couple times a month my firm invites product reps to offer lunch and learn programs.  We normally limit these programs to those that have been… 1,068 more words


More "Toxic" Ingredients From Naturally Nicole

In a previous article, “Naturally Nicole’s Tooth Powder Debunked“, we learned that the major “active” ingredient in Nicole’s homemade tooth powder was aluminum, derived from bentonite clay. 528 more words


Farm Fairy Crafts Selling Products With Caffeic Acid, a Group 2B carcinogen

Farm Fairy Crafts, a crunchy momma organic product manufacturer, recently launched a barrage of Twitter ad homs after I pointed out the glaring truth that… 589 more words


Sitting down with Tories – a reflection on privilege

Recently I had the occasion to be at a large family gathering in the pleasant and leafy hinterlands west of London.

What characterised everyone was that they were all nice, decent people who were interesting to talk to and interested to meet this strange creature from Scotland where, don’t-you-know, people seem to be unaccountably restless under the British Crown. 569 more words