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Food Babe Selling Erucic Acid (Gasp!)

Hot damn, it’s Friday!  That means payday here at Monsanto my nondescript, innocent-looking company.  You guys know what that means…

Shopping spree at FoodBabe.com!

Followers of this blog know I’m a big fan of Vani Hari (the “Food Babe”).  1,004 more words

Food Babe

Endocrine disruptors: Do we need to worry?

There’s been a lot of talk recently about endocrine disruptors and how these chemicals, which are purported to interfere with hormones in the body, are causing everything from infertility to thyroid cancer to attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. 746 more words


Dr. Mark Hyman Selling "Dangerous" Toothpaste

It’s not uncommon to find quack doctors contradicting themselves on the internet these days, giving medical advice that directly contradicts facts about products that they’re selling for a profit.  698 more words

Food Babe


Have you ever used a detox, like a juice-fast or a liquid diet, to purge yourself of the harmful toxins caused by lifestyle impurities?  The answer is no, you haven’t.  1,109 more words

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Food Babe Selling "Toxic" Product: Nutiva Chia Seeds

I haven’t been shopping at FoodBabe.com in a while, and I must admit I miss the experience.  It’s true that I’ve been surprised once or… 736 more words

Food Babe

Skeptics and black swans

There is in modern discussions of religion and philosophy an absurd assumption that a man is in some way just and well-poised because he has come to no conclusion; and that a man is in some way knocked off the list of fair judges became he has come to a conclusion. 242 more words


Modern Alternative Mama: How Did This Get "Past Your Eyes"?

Regular readers of crunchy mommy blogger Modern Alternative Mama (Kate Tietje) know that she’s an ardent opponent of pasteurization.1,2,3,4  According to Kate’s twisted view of science, pasteurization kills all the “good” bacteria in food products (milk, honey, etc.), leaving room for the “bad” bacteria to grow. 337 more words