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Inktober Day 22

InkTober Day 22’s prompt was *little*…well, I didn’t like that prompt, though admittedly I did think of doing a “Little Death” to follow up Day 21’s Grim Reaper buuuuut…I went a different route. 66 more words


Inktober Day 21

How in the world did I make it all the way to Day 21 of InkTober, having a personal theme of monsters/creatures/halloween ‘ish, without drawing any type of… 14 more words


Inktober Day 19 Make-up

InkTober Day 19 make-up…which totally eliminates all backlog that I had for InkTober 2016! No prompt followed, this actually originated¬†from an older sketch I came across from about a year ago while flipping through my sketchbook. 92 more words


Inktober Day 2 Make-up

InkTober Day 2 Make-up. I’m determined to have Inktober complete and finished on time, so here is the make-up for Day 2 that I missed due to my late start. 22 more words


Inktober Day 6

Inktober Day 6. So while I said I probably wouldn’t be following the prompts maybe I inadvertently got the “hidden” prompt in there after all. And hey look, the Drawlloween “urban legends” prompt, too! 14 more words


Inktober Day 5

Decided to follow the prompt for Inktober Day 5. So here is “sad” for Inktober 2016! Not sure how much I’m going to stick to the prompts for the month, but I made it work for this one. 39 more words


373 - Raph (My first live sketchcard)

So a couple weeks back I had a stall with some other comicheads at the Todmorden Folk Festival, and out of the blue I started drawing sketch cards, which was loads of fun. 36 more words

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