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Dragon Head Sketch

The first Sketchy Thing of 2017 and a great way to kick off the addition of Sketchy Things to the blog! It should go without saying posts like this typically won’t have a whole lot of text to go along with them, but hey, I said it anyway. 21 more words

The Artist

Final Sketchy Thing of 2016

Well, I managed to get one more thing in this year after a very excuse lacking hiatus following the wrap up of Inktober. The last art of 2016 is a Sketchy Thing of an old character of mine given new life as a farewell to the year. 9 more words

Comic Art

Inktober Day 22

InkTober Day 22’s prompt was *little*…well, I didn’t like that prompt, though admittedly I did think of doing a “Little Death” to follow up Day 21’s Grim Reaper buuuuut…I went a different route. 66 more words


Inktober Day 21

How in the world did I make it all the way to Day 21 of InkTober, having a personal theme of monsters/creatures/halloween ‘ish, without drawing any type of… 14 more words


Inktober Day 19 Make-up

InkTober Day 19 make-up…which totally eliminates all backlog that I had for InkTober 2016! No prompt followed, this actually originated from an older sketch I came across from about a year ago while flipping through my sketchbook. 92 more words


Inktober Day 2 Make-up

InkTober Day 2 Make-up. I’m determined to have Inktober complete and finished on time, so here is the make-up for Day 2 that I missed due to my late start. 22 more words


Inktober Day 6

Inktober Day 6. So while I said I probably wouldn’t be following the prompts maybe I inadvertently got the “hidden” prompt in there after all. And hey look, the Drawlloween “urban legends” prompt, too! 14 more words