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Sketch Card "Artist Proofs" and Returns

Artists are often compensated for their sketch card work in ways other than just a paycheck. For example, ten years ago it was common for artists to actually get a sealed box of the trading card set they contributed to. 574 more words

Mailday 05/12/18

My personal collection is fun hot mess. I pickup whatever catches my eye. Some items have a story or theme. This month was all about the monster base sets. 372 more words

Sketch Cards for Charity

My collection is pretty diverse. I’d guess 70% of my sketch cards are produced by licensed companies, and the rest are PSC’s (i.e. personal sketch cards). 458 more words

Devil In The Details (Part 4)

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<<<First | <<First “Devil” | <Previous | Next>

I grew up in New Jersey, always on the lookout for The Jersey Devil, hoping (and terrified) that I’d spot him slinking out of the woods some night. 409 more words

Dinosaurs: Jurassic sketch cards

Creating licensed sketch cards, like Star Wars, is expensive. Companies are smart to also explore subject matter that does not require a licensing fee. There are plenty of popular subjects that are free for use in the public domain: pets, zombies, dragons, and of course dinosaurs. 582 more words