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A gentle giant passes away
Hope humans can rest in peace
#extinction #sudan #whiterhino #nature #stopthekilling #stopthekillingofinnocentanimals


Plug x Art x Instagram

Since I decided this year that I’m going to draw more often, I’m always sending my girl photos of my drawings every time I finish one. 256 more words


Recent art

I’m trying to be more “free” with making art. By that I think I just mean putting whatever’s sparking my mind on paper rather than letting the opportunity slip away. 171 more words


Sketchbook: mid-March

Golden Hour: this could use some finishing, but it’s just a fun, quick sketch so I’m not worried. This view can be almost replicated by going to the top of Lone Pine State Park or a nearby hill on a summer’s evening. 39 more words


Drawing a Masterpiece in 1 hour or Less

Hello lovely readers! How has life been going? My March has been pretty eventful so far. I have surprisingly stayed consistent with my Instagram posts so that’s a plus! 501 more words


Undersea tribute in pencil

Another pencil sketch!

The power went out during one of the recent winter storms here. I found some Crayola Twistables I got as a gift some time ago and went to town. 14 more words