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30 July 2015 -- #sketchbookskool, #sketchaday

I was out and about today after work and sketched this tree with a brush pen. I find trees complicated, but I think the brush pen hinted at the leaves nicely. 19 more words


Minimalist Shadow Sketches

the beginning of a new project sketching and painting faces using blunt-edged shadows instead of shading



I created this blog not only to share my own outfits, but to share others’ as well. It’s always inspiring to me to see how others dress and if it’s something I like, it inspires me to recreate it with ink & paper. 76 more words


Affordance statement

Sunday 26th Jul

PIM Intensive_Presentation

Group Members:

Maoqing LU (Helena) s3518731

Jingwen HUANG (Dera) s3480434

Jun LIAO (Caroline) s3517081

Yachen ZHANG (Christine) s3515022

Case Study Example: Towards Santiago – Travel Film… 203 more words


Sketchbook 7/30/2015

Hey everyone here are some of what went in my skethbook today it is a mixture between gestures and imagination. :D 6 more words


Design your next big project like your last great project

Sorry for my lack of posts in the past few weeks, but let me explain. Being on the ground floor of an entirely new project is exciting, you are essentially working with a blank canvas, but how do you start to get the idea into something tangible, that can be explained to others and can become a framework for you to add, modify and improve upon? 297 more words