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Getting back to daily sketching….yay! Some lovely and odd-looking produce from the local organic grocery. I hope to paint it too, before I cook it but I’m not sure how long it will last. 8 more words

Sketchbook Pages

Random Sketch Notebook #6

     Doodling is meant to be relaxing…I just find it time-consuming! I keep trying to doodle whole pages but I never finish them!

     Oh well, at least I got to practice using one of my new calligraphy brush pens. 24 more words


Summer Doodles

I’ve really enjoyed properly experimenting with flat colour techniques recently, combined with my favourite textures and fun, vibrant colour combinations.

‘Rabbit Heart’

Preparing papers for Japanese stab stitch book binding… 16 more words

Sketchbook Pages

Random Sketch Notebook #5

     Sometimes, you’re just too sleepy to draw:

     I draw these faces quickly from my mind using no references. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not good at drawing faces without references but these came out even worse than usual! 33 more words


Sketchbook Pages

Below are the pages from my course sketchbook so far.  Please click on the pictures to see larger version and also the ability to scroll through each. 32 more words


Sketchbook pages 4, more

Pencildrawing on A2, my torso:

I am not very happy with this drawing, the pose is stiff and the skin got too dark.

Coloured pencils on A2: 276 more words

Sketchbook pages 4 continued

After a short stop over in London, I am sketching on a London- Lisbon flight:

Sandwichbox mermaid:

Andre reading ( I was playing around with some kids stamps on the background first, A4) 606 more words

Sketchbook Pages