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Sketchbook Pages #1

Just felt like sharing some of the random stuff in my sketchbook. I’ll probably be doing more of these in the future :) What you see are some of the things I’ve drawn since Monday, so yup. 143 more words

Sketchbook Pages

Happy 4th of July

I did this sketch from a photo on the wonderful Sktchy App but it seemed festive enough and somehow appropriate for this point in time in the USA. 19 more words

Sketchbook Pages

Exercise: Animals in the landscape

Back once again in Doneraile Park, where I knew there were herds of deer and Kerry cattle. I started with a few thumbnail sketches of the deer, later moving on to a few more of the cattle. 775 more words

Yikes! (Me too, kid!)

The cat’s expression (and the boy’s) perfectly replicate mine the past few days of dealing with some tough family stuff. But drawing helps keep me sane. 24 more words

Sketchbook Pages

Sktchy Weekend Challenge: Crosshatch 

Instead of my usual lengthy posts I thought I’d experiment with the occasional quickie drafted on my phone. A picture, a few words, and done. 49 more words

Sketchbook Pages

On the path to reinvention...excited about now

On my path of reinvention, I am learning a great deal. I am launching a new class¬†that starts next month (registration open! I’m out of teaching hiatus!) and a… 236 more words

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