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More paintings, because that's how I roll. K.L. Britton Art Los Angeles

The Sailor, 6×6 Oil on Panel – Available for purchase here.

One of my other obsessions is fountain pens.  This is a Sailor 1911 Extra Fine with a beautiful gold nib and it writes like a dream.   79 more words


Oils for Days - The Edge Pro Gear Sketchbook Pro Effect ;)

So in recent news, I got my Edge Pro Gear Sketchbook on the 25th – and I love it.  That’s the long and short of it.   384 more words


Annie!!! She was the first League of Legends champion I played (and owned). Also at this point, I was somewhat getting the hang of Photoshop. … 421 more words

Redrawing an old drawing #4


I’m back doing another Redraw of an old drawing which I am absolutely loving, it is so much fun.

This one will be a little different because this time my redraw will be done on my Samsung Tablet on the Sketchbook pro app. 177 more words

Drawings And Doodles

I was eventually due to make an expectation vs reality comic

Canadian weather seems to be into some seasonally inappropriate role play.
It’s been raining non stop all summer (with the exception of the time it snowed in Montreal this may). 32 more words


Redrawing an old drawing #3


I really enjoy doing these redraws for the blog. It lets me see how far my drawing skills have come and how much i’m improving. 62 more words


TacoCat taCocaT 

A great friend of mine and full-time Twitch Creator Ezilii asked me to make an emote for her Twitch subs… I love helping her out and I was very flattered when she asked, because she’s no slouch when it comes to being an artist… Um… that’s what her degree is in… SO, anywho. 21 more words