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Hemingway, Game of thrones and candy canes

I realise I’ve been having some trouble writing anything lately, which is ok since anything beyond a caption means that  I can’t communicate too well through graphics. 334 more words


Ebook Art on the Cheap with SketchbookPro

All those emails, “How to make money being an independent author,” I put into the trash. My metier is discussing science and Catholic teaching, and as editors have told me when they reject my submissions, “sorry–no market for that sort of thing.” Accordingly, I’m going to frame my first royalty check ($0.56 from Smashwords) and invest future royalties in do-it-yourself software for my ebooks. 576 more words




So yeah, slowly starting to get more posts up. My wife has been out of town for a week for training so I’ve been playing more on my computer and what happened?! 43 more words


Ellie the Elegant Elephant

Today is the day for the letter  in the A to Z Blog Challenge

For today’s offering I have a painting of Ellie the Elegant Elephant… 130 more words


The Night Owl

I’ve been experiencing a little insomnia this week, so I thought this painting would be appropriate.


Symbols & Geometric Designs

Here are a couple new symbols/geometric designs I have been working on! I think that they might look really cool on t-shirts or wall tapestries. 71 more words


You know, just hanging

For this evening’s #colour_collective colour Mars Violet and today’s #animalmarch day 25 a quick sketch of a red panda:

Have a lovely Easter! 25 more words