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Happy Star Wars Day!

A quick sketch from this morning because it’s May forth. This was pretty much all I did for Star Wars day, but it was a good ten minutes or so… :P


Day 10: One of those days

Alex sketch page – 45 minutes of agony. All references used are by SenshiStock on deviantArt. Seriously, check out her stuff, her gallery has some of the best anatomy references and has helped me out a ton. 29 more words

Humming bird and flowers ( a lesson)

Occasionally I love to draw, and so I sought out some YouTube tutorials. I try to copy whatever they are doing within reason – the lion’s face is three months down the line and will take forever but it is definitely a ‘to (attempt) do’ on my list.  82 more words


Sometimes Less is More

A promising start:

And then I added background . . . and now I don’t like it as much.  Sometimes less is more.

So I started over and tried again. 21 more words

Flowers & Botany

Death is the Sketch for all diseases.

 Hey, yo.

I’m back.

Please excuse all the delays; I was caught up in packing and testing and fumbling about.
But now I’m on break, and I’ve got a faux-studio set up in a basement somewhere. 37 more words