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Today I tried to do some ‘promotional’ artwork for our Mysterious Worlds. It was an experiment with drawing on Photoshop using my tablet; I chose 1 pen size and opacity and used varying pressure with my pen to layer the colour over itself to create lines and shadows. 159 more words

Concept Art

Today’s sketch - Planning an escape

The reference photo for this sketch came from Sktchy.


Pen & Ink

Bingo Workshop

Last Monday we took part in a work shop lead by my tutor Leigh, which in couraged us to create work outside of our sketchbooks and generate work quickly. 457 more words

Florence sketch diary, day 3: the suburban manga shop

This is day 3 – if you missed the beginning, start at day 1.

Come back tomorrow for a stroll around the bobbly Boboli Gardens.


Spaces to make

We’ve outgrown the workroom and the children have outgrown the livingroom so the problem is how to make a new workroom so the old workroom can be a livingroom. 224 more words


Breaking the inhibition to post

I had been out of FB , Whatsapp and other social media sites for a very long time . Other than the few posts here on wordpress , rest were all inactive . 339 more words

Life Calls

2/11/17: Perspective Drawing

In this lesson we learnt about drawing using one-point perspective, a method of drawing 3D where there’s a vanishing point (usually in the middle of the page) that all objects on the page point to the vanishing point. 137 more words