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Sunday Sketchblog #168

Back in early December I decided that drawing my outfits would be good practice.  A sound theory, but although I really liked the idea of keeping a record of what I wear, I wasn’t happy with how they looked.  33 more words


Salvation is at Your Fingertips

Fun doodle I did while I was waiting for some bread to rise.


Breaking News (sketch)

Here is a little sketch inspired by the woman who I hope becomes my mother one day: Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

As you are probably already aware, Julia Louis-Dreyfus was previously a cast member on Saturday Night Live and is now on my “Top 4 Celebrities I Wish Were My Mom” list. 55 more words


The Factory on Memory Lane

This building is a rough sketch from the ground where my old studio was. GOSH, it’s been almost twenty years. The old factory moved to third world countries where production is cheaper, I guess, it also applies to cement which was produced there a long time ago, apparently. 116 more words

Black And White Illustrations

Middle School Assembly (sketch)

WARNING: This sketch may be a little TOO real.

Read with caution and dont sue me.



The First Logo I've Made That I Actually Like!

The assignment was to create a personal brand mark. The requirement was that it could not be solely type based and had to also be vector based using Adobe Illustrator. 344 more words