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Texture Practice

Some texture practice, messing with some dirty metal.


Sci-fi Room

Underwater Sci-fi Room, still working on some things such as the water on the outside. But it’s getting there, slowly but surely.



This is a sketch I wrote for a class I took at DreamWorks. Enjoy!


(*Grub Hub is a food delivery service. For a visual, please see the photo above).


My Love, Lovely & Loving

You are Love, my Love
My Love, you are
My Love


'Heroes Reborn's' Superhero Designer: Paul Pope

Two characters on the new NBC mini-series Heroes Reborn veer wildly away from what the original show taught us to expect from exceptional people: Katana Girl and El Vengador. 1,048 more words

The Autumn Sprite

The temperature is falling fast and the night’s are drawing in. Although I love Autumn for Halloween, Fireworks night and cosy meetings at the pub, it’s always tinged with a sense of sadness of the passing of Summer and the withdrawal of the masses of people drinking and eating outside, and going for walks that I love so much about the sunny season.