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Sketching Moments

I am still learning (struggling) to sketch people but capturing special moments make it worthwhile.

This was a quick sketch when both Daddy and lovely Daughter are sitting still and enjoying a cuddle.



Sketching is about solving problems, sometimes very quickly and–interestingly, in most successful art, according to professional artists–over-riding what your analytic brain is telling you.  It involves careful observation, composition, shading, meaning, and even purpose (including story-telling and “narratives”) usually within some constraints related to time or weather or materials or ability. 284 more words

Sketching People

Grant yourself the freedom to have fun, instead of being chained to a slavish need for realism Lynne Chapman from her book ‘Sketching People’

I enjoy sketching buildings and objects but when it comes to people  my palms start to sweat and my pen just can’t be controlled.

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Capturing Halloween and crowd chaos

Pitt Artist Pen, watercolor on HP paper in 6 X 6″ sketchbook

There’s something about the folks in Occidental, this lovely woodsy community in west Sonoma County (and 15 min. 256 more words

Travel Sketchbooks

Sketch-Fright, Cheap Sketchbooks And The Desire To Be Famous

Drawing is a scary thing. I know writers think writing is scary and I agree it is, or can be, and sometimes I find it scary too – but a page of writing is hidden from view until it’s read, and then it reveals itself slowly word by word. 702 more words


Tips for Sketching People in Public

Drawing in public has been a taunting task for me; I feared the outside judgment and the fact that my failures will easily be exposed. Nevertheless, I knew that sketching people from their natural positions, facial expressions and movements is a valuable learning experience to more lifelike drawings. 490 more words