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Getting Sketchy, #18

Here’s an interesting one. It follows animals, and I guess this one will follow you around the garden as well. I wish I could have chickens, as I have heard that they are very sociable animals. 111 more words


Bruce Sketches Crane Beach Barbados, W.I.

In this Sketch Walk I sketch the Crane Beach in Barbados W.I. It has some interesting cliffs and trails which make it an interesting site. Enjoy! 70 more words

Bruce Outridge

Getting Sketchy, #17

I think we’ve had enough cats for a bit. It was hot outside as well. After I helped lug the old A/C unit out of its hidey-hole and into the window where it can be useful, I sat down with a glass of water and took a gander at the ol’ internet for some inspiration. 208 more words


Ways to fill up sketchbook pages

Sketchbooks are so difficult to fill up.

For me, on average a sketchbook takes about a year to completely fill up. If I’m stuck in my room drawing all day and all night it takes at least a month. 521 more words


Getting Sketchy, #16 Chiaroscuro

I figured we’d just stick with numbers instead of kidding ourselves that the days have gone by and I sketched as I should have. You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure that one out. 200 more words



Or: How my love for walks, nature writing & sketching currently seems to merge in a joyful celebration of all things growing –

Phacelia tanacetifolia; 425 more words