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Life is quite lovely... Go Palace!

This morning I took the underground over to Portobello Road to have a coffee and a pain au chocolate. This road is right near Notting Hill, of movie fame, and is super cute. 1,285 more words

2018 Euro Adventure

A bit of information!

I am not pretty happy with my today’s sketch. I was planning something else and it turned out something very different. Anyway, here it is. 170 more words


(Number three in a series of ten ideas I have about sketching.)

20 August, 2018. So, you’ve got yourself a pen. Maybe it’s a fountain pen. 537 more words

Monarch Butterfly on Flower

Ink on drawing paper, August 19, 2018

9 x 12” (22.9 x 30.5 cm)

Sitting in Starbucks, finished my latte and bored. The monarch butterfly was the focal point of this exercise and I really wanted to emphasize it and not so much on the flower. 15 more words


Last day of practicing girls

I figure it’s basically adding lips, pretty eyes and I guess a small waist helps.  Damn!  That broad came out dope!  I think I’m done practicing girls.  169 more words


r/SketchDaily 8/8: Republic of Mali

I chose to draw an ancient Mali Marka mask. This is my first attempt at sketching digitally. It’s going to take some getting used to!


A Page of Monsters

Yesterday on reddit I saw a few different people had drawn an entire page of monsters. One page was HUGE and they drew 150 monsters! It looked like fun and I wanted some practice with colored pencils so I decided to give it a shot. 60 more words