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Sunday Afternoon at the Zoo

Took another trip to the zoo today to take advantage of the cheap winter admission and the sparse Superbowl crowd. It was just a short trip, so I didn’t get too many good sketches – but the elephants and giraffes were cooperative, as they usually are. 126 more words


Day 172: Dodge Viper

Day 172: Dodge Viper

Hey guys and girls. Just a quick sketch to upload today. Didn’t really have much goign on but it was one of those days where it just takes ages to actually get stuff dome. 116 more words


New Website for Art Journaling

I asked my daughter to review my website – it did not go well. Apparently I have artistic skills but my Marketing skills suck. We ( 111 more words

Art Journaling

Adrawingaday project twelve

Moleskine sketches, #adrawingaday

I focused on sharpening up perspective drawing skills. One and two point perspective sketching.

The experience so far has made my brain tingle, trying to interpret an image with my mind, then translate that image into lines that my hand builds up with a pencil, one by one. 48 more words


E is for Emu

Well, it seems that an Emu was among the most requested subjects for today’s doodlewash, so that’s where we landed. Not the entire emu, mind you, because their funny little faces and big orange eyes are the best part. 380 more words


Like A Phoenix

It is a time of transition, in-between creative projects, a time to put aside paint brushes and reach for the pencil and pens. What better place to relax and ponder over new directions than doodling in the sketchbook. 114 more words


The Iron Man,....

I am biggest fan of Iron Man… so I did this courageous task of drawing him…. howsss it….?????