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Oil Pastels and Honeydew.

A dual portrait in progress of Bunsen and Beaker… I can’t wait to add Beaker! I could only spend about half an hour on it so far.


Winding Down for the Weekend (Sketch)

Entering weekend mode with this quick sketch. Yes, it’s not a wine bottle and glass this time, nor a Port bottle, nor is it an expired washing machine. 22 more words


Little Art School

I’m really rushing today and hoping to get this one in under the wire. I ran short on time today and wasn’t sure if I could pull off a post. 455 more words


Lost in Translation

Sometimes my drawing hand seems to misinterpret what my eyes see and what my brain is telling it to put down on the page…

…and sometimes it gets it spot on… 45 more words

Prolific Creativity

100 Eyes: 5-10

I should have posted this back in November. Hopefully, posting it now will give me some motivation to complete all 100.

Trying to get back in the habit of drawing every day.


Concept art. Baby Super Granny

A little slide-show of character sheets with breakdown of workflow process that I’ve finished so far: 8 more words