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This weeks drawings

Here is a quick look at what I’ve been up to this week! The topic suggested by a fan on Facebook was horses! So I did 2 horses. 195 more words

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By the fire

A few more sketches of the cats in their basket by the fire. 15 more words


It’s been a while since I started posting in this blog, another one of my hobbies that lasted approximately five minutes. Quite a few things have changed in the last year, a whole bloody lot actually. 270 more words

Ttiagratefulft: 22.06.17

. Listening to my daughter play the guitar and sing .

. Mattress toppers ! My bed is like new.

. Having a go with Lino cutting again .

Sketching at the WWII Museum in New Orleans

Had the opportunity to visit the World War 2 museum in New Orleans last weekend and it was sobering.  There was a propaganda exhibit, a movie about the war that went beyond boundaries and so much more.   65 more words


مخزن الأفكار: ميدان النعناع وميدان المانجو

🐰مساؤكم لطيف

بدأت أستخدم مخزن الأفكار بطرق مختلفة ومنها الاحتفاظ بالذكريات الجميلة

هذي الصفحة البسيطة

توثق رحلتي داخل سكن أرامكو، هي رحلة قصرة جداً جداً هههههه

🦋لكن مايمنع نوثقها

🍃🌳ولأنها كانت أول مرة أروح لميدان المانجو وميدان النعناع اللطيفين

هما كانوا سكنيين خالص، فالاستكشاف كان على استحياء ههههه

🌷نظرة عن قرب

وبس والله



Orange Studies

Stayed home tonight to sketch some drawings based on photos from Montevideo.  Drew rapidamente in ink sin lapiz.  Scared each time I started one, afraid I couldn’t do it.   20 more words