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Drawing Beautiful Turkeys

Hi there how are you?

Is this not the face of a magnificent bird? Well I’m sure the lady turkeys think so, all puffed up and proud, strutting around. 190 more words


All cool?

Hey, is everything okay? Or it is just the winters that you are not posting? I just hope the weather is making you lazy and all rest is fine. 282 more words

Melting Snow, Draw Quickly

Some days it is just simple.

Stand inside the window and look through the steamed up glass; trying to peer through all the reflections and refractions. 380 more words

A couple of author events

I did two author events this week, one a program called “Drawing Funny Animals” at my local, the Talbot County Free Library. The other was an appearance at a family literacy night at Mount Royal Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore.  393 more words