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Redux start

I know i’ve started when the printouts, and the plans for the plans begin. I write all my meanderings on my private blog, with wild flights of fancy, because hey, ya never know what will connect, then slap all that in a dedicated sketchbook, and start colouring in the lines, way out of the lines, adding “patterns”, shapes and technique notes, and even more scribbled why nots.  261 more words

A Collusion Of Ideas

Mixed use building

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A study for a residential project for Grossmann Architekten.

Client: Private
Design: Nikolay Kolev for Grossmann Architekten GmbH… 6 more words
Computer Renderings

A Group of Condominiums

Home / Projects / ArchitectureCondominiums / A Gruop of Condominiums

I was commissioned to create a proposal for a group of residentiail buildings in Altenheim, Germany. 7 more words

Computer Renderings

what to make when you can't make, "figuratively"

I find myself unable to just sit, and think. Or not think. I have to accept that sometimes my mind *is* in low drive, for whatever reason, but i’m also one of those who *have* to keep my hands busy, so i’ve turned to “finishing” small things that have sat around for aeons. 425 more words

Journal: Lessons To Learn

for my next trick

Working on the commissioned piece “Tabula Memoria” has taken much of my time over the past 6 months, in thinking and in doing, not leaving much wiggle room for other projects. 191 more words

A Collusion Of Ideas

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Nazareth Garcia is a Chicago based artist who grew up in the Northern Suburbs. She graduated with a BFA in fine arts at the American Academy of Art. 28 more words