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A Residential Building Renovation

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First steps…

I was commissioned to create a sketch proposition for a suitable renovation and Extension of  a residentiail building in Oberkirch, Germany. 12 more words


moon decision made

So handy to live in a digital age :) Hesitant to put needle and thread to the centre, i did this first, and am confident that the top right is the way to go. 172 more words

In Progress

in a bit of a fix

I find myself extremely irritable today, probably because i took an over the counter sleep aid last night–which bloody well didn’t work. Minor snags, literally and figuratively with the stitching on this piece has me kind of pissy right now, so it’s time to stop. 72 more words

In Progress

stitching in semiotics

I wonder how meaning is created, not what it is. Symbolism, connotation, iconography, denotation, synecdoche: Memory.

(Sketch of normal neuron from 2011)

A long time ago, i worked a series i called the Artist’s Body. 178 more words

In Progress

Pencil Sketches, Charcoal, and More

OC’s & Misc. Character Sketches

Evie Weiss from “Plastic Wings”

Desiree Jolie from “The Order of the Knights of Emiliani”

Misc. Characters

Fan Sketches

Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray in the show “Shadowhunters”

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Plastic Wings