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Evie Weiss from “Plastic Wings”

Desiree Jolie from “The Order of the Knights of Emiliani”

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Fan Sketches

Katherine McNamara as Clary Fray in the show “Shadowhunters”

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Plastic Wings

dye painting tests

My Dharma order arrived 6 days after being ordered, but with the silly season upon us, those pesky spare five minutes’s available had to wait until after chripcrapmas……….. 319 more words

Journal: Lessons To Learn

textile supply woes

I need to “paint” some fabric like this.

Unfortunately, paint itself is not an option at present. The ones i have are too stiff on the chosen fabric to get a needle through, and bleeding fingers are not on my list of Happy Things. 280 more words

Collusion: Sampling

the persistence of memory

Some memories are fixed, unrelenting. Others morph, bend and change inside to outside, nightmare to dream, dream to delusion. There are memories of memories, given, borrowed, stolen from others. 32 more words

Collusion: Sampling

mining the lodes

Obviously a few years ago, i enjoyed sketching, painting, drawing–why did i stop? Maybe that’s why i feel stale, stagnant and like i’m repeating myself. 255 more words

Journal: Lessons To Learn