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Black Swan Anxiety: CBOE SKEW Index Near All-time High (120 Day Moving Average)

The Mr Obvious Award goes to …

Concern is building that years of record-setting gains for U.S. stocks may give way to a market plunge, 83 more words

Week 7 - Reading Notes (Analyzing Data)

Gathering and organizing data is always a daunting task. Presenting that data is another challenge in and of itself. This week’s readings focused on the visual representation of a variety of data and what visuals work best for the vast array of data types available to us. 188 more words

Reading Notes

Leadership, for the skew-skilled specialist

Earlier this summer I attended a youth leadership training. To say the least, I was not impressed with the classroom information. Leadership, to me, is a collection of skills that enable a person (a leader) to create an amplified effect within a group of people with specialized talents. 548 more words


Frequency Distribution

Let’s talk about Frequency distribution today.

I wrote about various data collection and sampling methods in my previous blog post Sampling Techniques.

After data collection or sampling, the first task a researcher do is organizing or categorizing. 433 more words

Business Analytics

Unethical Modesty

We believe criticisms,

never compliments.

And, that’s normal?