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Helping Students Visualize Skew

This week during my statistics classes’ final review time for their term final, I had a small idea I wish I’d had years ago.

Early in the course, we talked about means and medians as centers of data and how these values were nearly identical in roughly symmetric data sets.   448 more words


Black Swan Indicator at 25-year High

The CBOE SKEW index, commonly referred to as the ‘black swan’ indicator, just spiked to the highest level in the indicators 25-year history. 461 more words

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WIP Wednesday 08/07

This week’s WIPs and a FO

1. Garter stitch marled blanket. This is currently a stripe or two away from completion and almost as long as the sofa. 199 more words



Over the years I have knitted plenty of socks. I’m not the most prolific sock knitter, but I’ve finished over 20 pairs in the 5ish years since finishing my first pair (and have numerous single socks which I’ve not got around to making a partner for), however, there is one sock pattern which which has got the better of me three times and it is… 46 more words


America: A liberal Skew!

There is no doubt liberal progressives really do such a fantastic job lying to the American people.

Conservatives need to develop a simple message that enables the “bumper sticker” mentality of the American electorate to realize they are being fed a hearty helping of bullshit. 459 more words


Stock Market Money Flow Check

Every once and a while it’s a good idea to check equity money flows, kind of like a GPS for what the money is doing. 402 more words

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how the various socks are going

Skews are all in project bags and ready to grab when I go somewhere where I can knit. But I don’t knit them much at home. 584 more words