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America: A liberal Skew!

There is no doubt liberal progressives really do such a fantastic job lying to the American people.

Conservatives need to develop a simple message that enables the “bumper sticker” mentality of the American electorate to realize they are being fed a hearty helping of bullshit. 459 more words


Stock Market Money Flow Check

Every once and a while it’s a good idea to check equity money flows, kind of like a GPS for what the money is doing. 402 more words

S&P 500

how the various socks are going

Skews are all in project bags and ready to grab when I go somewhere where I can knit. But I don’t knit them much at home. 584 more words


Finished: Flax Skew Socks

70 grams of Trekking sock yarn, on needles 2 mm. If you’re on Ravelry the projectpage’s here.


Weird Wool Wednesday: some poiple you cannot trust

Perhaps if I photograph it fuzzy artyfarty…. perhaps it will make some sense…

Flax Skew. Striped Lammy Skew. Softspoken green Skew. Spicy striped green Skew. Mystery sock Coexist. 114 more words


I command the knitting!

Spoilers for Mystery Sock pattern Coexist will be featured later on in this post.

This is the Skew sock that got parked and embellished with an annoying little bell: 755 more words


Frame Carving and Gilding

I’m often kidded by my neighbor who tells me that if retirement means being as busy as he sees me all of the time he’s not so sure he wants to retire!!   642 more words

Hand Tool Woodworking