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Where We're Headed

There are all kinds of destinations we can choose as we live our lives. We can decide to accomplish anything we want, go anywhere we like and become the people we most want to be. 585 more words

Skewed Data: Analyzing the Windows

Previously, we looked at analyzing a table to see which columns in that table may contain skewed data.

That was a good start, but now it’s time to look at the statistics that exist on that column to see if we can identify potential candidates for filtered statistics, based on the “windows” between histogram steps. 463 more words

Skewed Data: Finding The Columns

While in the process of looking for a job that led to the position that I currently hold, I interviewed for a job at a recognizably-named company that was struggling to keep up with their “statistics.” I have a confession. 1,236 more words

movies to look out for: PEELERS [2016]

After a strenuous 11 days without posting anything, I’m finally back to write. For good reason too, I received an email from a man who goes by the name of… 786 more words


Solution: Parallel Activity just drops

As you remember we had a hash join outer with dominant null values. Thus, the parallel process dealing with the null values got most of the work to do. 366 more words


The Market Drops, the Vix Jumps and the SKEW...Drops?

While hell breaks loose in the markets…

the Vix unsurprisingly jumps…

but the CBOE (Chicago Board of Exchange) Skew index, that reflects the volatility of out-of-the-money options, quite unexpectedly drops… 254 more words


Parallel Activity just drops

In one of my DWH POCs for Oracle’s Real World Performance Group we did see an unexpected drop of activity. The customer wanted to know why it happened. 162 more words