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End of October

The color is still pretty rich, but the leaves are starting to fall, and the ground cover is deep.

It rained Friday night. Lots of rain.  406 more words

New Hampshire


20 Min Increasing Ladder

American KB Swings @ 32 kg

Cals SkiErg

Increase KB Swings by 1 Rep per round. Increase Cals by 2 per round. 39 more words


Be Active in Madarao to Give the Cardiovascular System a Good Workout

Based on research, virtually all individuals need an active life to promote health and well being. To Be active, an individual must undergo physical-enhancing activity or some form of rigorous physical exercise to reduce the risks of illnesses like high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. 313 more words


What Ever Happened To The Ski Ballet Stars Of The 70's And 80's?

When reflecting on skiing’s long and prolific history, perhaps no period captures the sport’s purity, raw expression, and senseless good time attitude better than the  481 more words


Salomon TV: Dream Trip 2

For the second year in a row, Salomon asked its fans: What is your #FreeskiDreamTrip? Canadian Tim Loch was lucky enough to be chosen from 5000 applicants. 40 more words


Prosjekt topptur

Syv år etter påbegynt utdannelse syns jeg det begynner å bli på tide å fullføre. Så da blir det bachelor i friluftsliv på meg til våren. 133 more words


The Alpine Club nominated 'Best Boutique Mountain Chalets' in the Lux 2016 Hotel & Spa Awards

LUX magazine announces the winners of the 2016 Hotel & Spa Awards.

The world of hotels and spas as we know it is rapidly changing. Gone are the days of pay to view television, swans made from towels and chocolates on your pillow: now visitors are looking for the experience of a lifetime which combines great service with quality furnishings, exquisite food and a unique, individual atmosphere. 197 more words