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Number 2: A Meditation on European Toilets

My fascination with toilets goes back to when I realized on my first overseas trip that not everyone was privileged to have a giant “American toilet” that uses five gallons of water for every five ounces of urine. 504 more words

Essays For Giggles

Skid marks

I can’t comment on little girls. But I know little boys. So when I tell you that little boys don’t wipe their bottoms properly I can only assume that little girls are the same. 477 more words


Skid and Nancy

I haven’t written anything disgusting in a while so here goes…

I’ll start with a very obvious, very true statement:  kids are gross.  They are vile, disgusting creatures, engaging in behavior that would be vilified if they weren’t little and cute and operating in that glorious euphoric bubble that is only possible by being completely ignorant of social norms and customs.  326 more words