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Heartwarming: When Snyders Of Hanover Learned Their Profits Were Slipping, They Manufactured A Fake Viral Video About A Boy With Cancer Who Loves Pretzels. 

By Giselle Atkins

These days it feels like there’s no good news left in the world. Everywhere you turn, it’s death-toll this or major scandal that. 309 more words


6 Things You Didn’t Know About Jonsson Tower.

By Gill Hurtig

Jonsson Tower is a home to many. Think you know everything about this coveted dorm? Think again.

  1. Jonsson Tower only has 7 stairs…

  2. 408 more words

Student Trades Up From Extension Cord To Hot Plate At Fire Safety Exchange Program.

By George Lubitz

ROUNDS HALL—While the Fire Safety Exchange Program was originally designed to offer students the chance to surrender prohibited items without penalization, no questions asked, one Skidmore student saw the event as a prime opportunity to walk in with an extension cord and walk out with a brand new hot plate. 299 more words


Thirteen-Year-Old Mislabeled as Goth, Life Ruined.

By: Doug Patrick

Thirteen-year-old Cecilia Thornton’s life was ruined earlier this week when she overheard her dumb mom say she was “going through a bit of a goth phase.” Cecilia described the entire episode as “total bullshit,” and blamed her reaction, which involved screaming at her mom using her first name until inevitably locking herself in her room for hours while blasting All Time Low’s discography, on her mother’s lack of understanding. 124 more words


Student Finally Caught Up on Moping, Winter Break.

By Doug Patrick

Hometown, USA—With a large array of obligations throughout the schoolyear, many students find it nearly impossible to mope. There are simply not enough hours in the day to balance school work and watching TV all day, sitting in one’s room doing nothing for hours, or taking three naps to go to bed promptly at 6 a.m. 166 more words