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OTD: Webster attended Skidmore

Miss Dorothy Webster was in Saratoga Springs attending the Skidmore School of Arts, where she is in a musical student, Friday” according to the Saratogian 29 February 1916… 54 more words


Skidmore Replaces Blackboard with Blackbeard, Allows You to Pirate Textbooks

By Grace Seeley

SARATOGA SPRINGS–With recent legislation making higher education continually more financially implausible, Skidmore has been looking for new ways for students to save money. 82 more words

Campus Life

Freshman on Tinder Seems Really Excited to Have Room to Himself this Weekend

By Carolyn Smith

A few weeks into her first year at Skidmore, Stacey Hammel, decided to step into the dating scene. To put herself out there, she used none other than the greatest technological innovation of all time – Tinder. 173 more words

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Skidmore Missed Connections

By Quint Turner

The students of Skidmore lovehookup culture, but sometimes the two lines fail to connect. Below are a few of the most recent cases of missed connections: 221 more words

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Student Athletes Now Identify as Numbers on Sweatshirts

By Lizette Roman-Johnston

By now everybody has noticed the new athletics apparel—the matching green sweatshirts, shirts, and pants with various numbers below the Skidmore logo. Many have called the numbering of our athletes dehumanizing; do we really need numbers when we already have names? 271 more words

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Skid Complimenter Exhibits Newly Aggressive Behavior

By Lizette Roman-Johnston

If you’re like most college students, then you probably spend a lot of time on Facebook. And if you’re a Skidmore College student, then you’ve probably seen the daily posts from Facebook user “Skid Complimenter”—a page that posts anonymous compliments to people and groups of the Skidmore community. 361 more words

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Skidmore Football Team Sits Out National Anthem, Entire Game

By Jack Rosen

SARATOGA SPRINGS – In apparent solidarity with players in the NFL and people of color across the nation, Skidmore College’s football team made a brave demonstration last night. 148 more words

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