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Kimi-San Family maid Tachikawa Air Base 1958-1969

from 1958-1969 Kimi-San was the Skidmore family maid at Tachikawa Air Base Japan, if you know of this family please contact  Mike skidmore at mskids001@aol.com

Family Maid

It's Nice to See Skid News is Still Shit.

By The Ghost of Lucy Scribner 

Things have changed since my time at Skidmore. Men are allowed in, and the campus itself has even changed locations. 222 more words


Interview with Steve Bannon.

Last week, the Skidmo’ Daily’s Tacky Wet sat down with Chief White House Strategist Steve Bannon. The interview is transcribed below.

SD: Mr. Bannon, it’s quite astonishing you agreed to be interviewed by a satirical college newspaper.. 495 more words


Heartwarming: When Snyders Of Hanover Learned Their Profits Were Slipping, They Manufactured A Fake Viral Video About A Boy With Cancer Who Loves Pretzels. 

By Giselle Atkins

These days it feels like there’s no good news left in the world. Everywhere you turn, it’s death-toll this or major scandal that. 309 more words


6 Things You Didn’t Know About Jonsson Tower.

By Gill Hurtig

Jonsson Tower is a home to many. Think you know everything about this coveted dorm? Think again.

  1. Jonsson Tower only has 7 stairs…

  2. 408 more words

Student Trades Up From Extension Cord To Hot Plate At Fire Safety Exchange Program.

By George Lubitz

ROUNDS HALL—While the Fire Safety Exchange Program was originally designed to offer students the chance to surrender prohibited items without penalization, no questions asked, one Skidmore student saw the event as a prime opportunity to walk in with an extension cord and walk out with a brand new hot plate. 299 more words