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Thirteen-Year-Old Mislabeled as Goth, Life Ruined.

By: Doug Patrick

Thirteen-year-old Cecilia Thornton’s life was ruined earlier this week when she overheard her dumb mom say she was “going through a bit of a goth phase.” Cecilia described the entire episode as “total bullshit,” and blamed her reaction, which involved screaming at her mom using her first name until inevitably locking herself in her room for hours while blasting All Time Low’s discography, on her mother’s lack of understanding. 124 more words


Student Finally Caught Up on Moping, Winter Break.

By Doug Patrick

Hometown, USA—With a large array of obligations throughout the schoolyear, many students find it nearly impossible to mope. There are simply not enough hours in the day to balance school work and watching TV all day, sitting in one’s room doing nothing for hours, or taking three naps to go to bed promptly at 6 a.m. 166 more words


QUIZ: What Your Favorite D-Hall Foods Say About You, But Before We Get To That, Can I Ask You For Some Personal Advice?

You know what they say—you are what you eat! Take this quiz to find out what your D-Hall food preferences say about your personality. 

  1. You’re in the mood for something super salty.
  2. 743 more words

Student On Lunch Date With Two Remaining High School Friends Unsure How To Spend Rest Of Break.

CAMDEN, ME—Finishing up her cup of tea and making what residual small talk she could, junior Tara Wu thought about how—considering the two people sitting opposite her were all she had left in the way of local acquaintances—she might spend the next month of break before she returned to Skidmore. 220 more words


Local Pasta Chef’s Heart Grows 3 Sizes

By: Chris Isaacson

Every teen tall in Dhall likes pasta a lot

But the chef who lived south of deli did not!

The chef hated pasta! 314 more words


Top 5 Things To Do Over Winter Break.

By Max Losardo

As Skidmore students wrap up the semester, they prepare to return home to their own respective dry, boring, and purposeless lives as they wait to return to Saratoga Springs in late January.   472 more words