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We Asked 13 Professors About The Dampest Student They’ve Ever Had.

13 Skidmore Professors all got the same question: who’s the dampest student you’ve ever had? 

  1. Mathew Fishberg, English — “I’m sorry? The dampest? I’m not sure I understand your question.”
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“These BlackLivesMatter People Are Just Preaching To The Choir," Says Student Who Is Certainly Not Part Of Choir.

 by George Lubitz, Editor-in-Chief 

In a tumultuous era of social unrest and disenfranchised Americans calling for racial justice, Skidmore College seems to be an anomalous case of free thinking and progressive belief. 349 more words


Review: This Week On Soundcloud

By Lizette Roman-Johnston

In need of some more catchy sounds from your fellow Skid Kids? Well, the Skidmo’ Daily is here to review some new Soundcloud profiles that may or may not be worth a listen. 346 more words