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There’ll be snow in the Berkshires,

To forecasters it appears…

The mountains know

Our very first snow,

A tingle for skier ears!

–Jonathan Caswell

By Jonathan Caswell

The 2015-2016 ski season begins as a dream.

Life-long skiers looking for opinions on skiing Europe, while inviting skiers and snowboarders to Colorado. Ski about 30 to 40 days a year and lots of time is spent online searching for bargains.  405 more words


Colorado Planning Pricey Toll Lane for Skiers

Marquee image: The glow of red brake lights are a familiar sight near the Eisenhower Tunnel on I-70. PHOTO: Dave Herholz
All you want to do is ski, but youre trapped. 28 more words


Cute little guys to hang on your tree. Children can do all the painting however, I recommend Mom or Dad do the hot gluing and prune shear cutting to avoid injury. 545 more words


Van Life: Two skiers conquering Patagonia on wheels

The following words are provided by TJ David.
Van Life: The freedom to chase storms from behind the wheel of your very own van. To live life on the fringe, unbound by societal norms that say you’re supposed to have a house, a car, a job, bills. 14 more words

Criteria Country Nordic Skiers Rustic Rusted Metal 5 Hook

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[Trailer] Follow five up-and-coming skiers in Perspective Studios’, “Misconceptions”

Perpective Studios plans to premiere its 2015 feature film, Mosconceptions at iF3 London, this fall. Featuring riding from skiers Callum Welch, Tyler Harding, Mike Rowlands, Hamish McDougall and friends, the film aims to portray the said team’s unique style in the mountains and dedication…