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Day 33 // Finishing the Rock Bug, and Sketching.

Today’s Spit paint is : Hydra

I tried to take the composition from the Six Arms image i did previously, and the scale of the centipede image, it was a moderate success but falls very flat, is by no means an image i am proud of. 578 more words

Creature Design

Day 19 //

Today i did more character faces, and settled on an old man with exaggerated facial features. I also used the new steps i learned to re mesh the model and build it up from a low base mesh, and projected details from a dynamesh. 150 more words


Day 22 //

Today’s spit paint is “Waterside” , I was happy with how it worked out, particularly the water, it looks much better than my previous attempts, the hut looks pretty meh, but over all an improvement. 150 more words


Day 20+21 (Weekend) //

This weekend I have been gathering a few journals , and doing some sketches, working on my next creature.

I did a page in my book where I started out with a variety of different shapes in pencil then blocked in forms and features with pen, quite a few of these were heavily influenced by a book I rented from the library but there’s a lot of nuances to the anatomy that I wouldn’t have been able to think of without seeing something similar first. 299 more words

Creature Design

Day 18 //

Today was a very monochromatic day, everything i produced was shades of grey. I learned the valuable lesson that i cant watch a new series on netflix and work at the same time, it just doesn’t work, and i need my days to be more productive than that. 364 more words


Day 17 //

Today I found some useful articles on character creation for games, and also expanded that into reading about facial recognition. I’m not sure how relevant that will be but I have been toying with the idea of making a monster face react to a webcam of a viewer for a while , and would love to try making that happen eventually. 250 more words