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“We all strive to be like everyone else – or, even more accurately, we all strive to be like everyone else, but only better. Gifted students are designated as gifted because they took the same standardised tests as everyone else, but performed better. 1,087 more words

Education And You


School Performance is a complex phenomenon, shaped by a wide variety of factors intrinsic to students and in their eternal environment. In addition to content knowledge and academic skills, students must develop sets of behaviours, skills, attitudes and strategies that are crucial to academic performance in their classes, but that may not be reflected in their scores on cognitive tests”  – UCHICAGO CCSR Literature Review… 944 more words

Career Counseling


I have so far talked about the importance of knowing oneself, knowing the YOU. When I talk about the SKILL SET and the importance of recognising them in you, I want you to understand while I understand the need for most of you to squander and look for various aptitude test, psychometric tests and a zillion other that can help you understand this mystery a little better, I do urge you to not base your life decision on them. 1,161 more words

Social Entrepreneurship

“Poverty is not only a lack of money, it’s a lack of sense of meaning” ― David Bornstein.

Social entrepreneurship fills this gap. It not only gives the underprivileged an opportunity to increase their standard of living, but also a sense of purpose and accomplishment. 1,228 more words

Cloning is for sheep

According to the admissions site of MIT:

“Some applicants struggle to turn themselves into clones of the “ideal” MIT student—you know, the one who gets triple 800s on the SAT. 787 more words

Adjusting and detailing

UV Seams (Initially unsatisfactory, seams over areas of the face, some unnavoidable as different UV islands.

Control Painting for seams

Control lines for ZRemeshing

More suitable, still could do with UV mapping in an external program but would be exceptionally time consuming. 60 more words

Creature Design