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What Factors Related to Nursing Homes Can Lead to Depression and What Are Some of the Best Prevention and Treatment Options

Nursing homes are residential settings that provide around the clock medical care for people who are recovering from acute health issues such as stroke or hip fracture, or for people who can no longer manage to live safely on their own because of physical or psychological debilitation (Ferrini, 2008). 4,895 more words

Understanding Long Term Care Costs and Their Impact On Individuals, Society, and Healthcare.

Long term care (LTC) services in the United States (U.S.), for the most part, are paid for through taxes imposed on the citizenry (Shi, & Singh, 2014).  752 more words

Why the U.S. Needs Medicaid


While most news stories about Medicaid focus on states’ decisions on whether to expand eligibility, the collective impact of the program on beneficiaries, health providers and systems, and state economies is rarely discussed. 230 more words

What are SNF Swing Bed Days?


To some people, these abbreviations make no sense, but to most who send text messages they are easy to understand (“laughing out loud,” “be right back,” and “talk to you later”). 167 more words


Hospital Observation Care Can Be Costly For Medicare Patients

FAQ: Hospital Observation Care Can Be Costly For Medicare Patients

Hospital Surprise: Medicare’s Observation Care

Some seniors think Medicare made a mistake.  Others are stunned when they find out that being in a hospital even for a couple of days doesn’t always mean they were actually admitted. 174 more words

Just Another Monday

After a 12 hour night shift that ended at 6am, an hour drive home, a hot bath, and a couple hours of sleep, I rolled out of bed around 2pm today. 499 more words


Medicare Part A: What is a Benefit Period?

Often times you will hear the term Medicare Benefit Period. Do you know what it means?

The services you receive as an inpatient in a hospital or skilled nursing facility (SNF) is considered a “ 379 more words

Medicare Part A