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Writing a Killer Synopsis

When it comes to querying literary agencies you will notice that most, if not all, request that a one page synopsis of your work be sent alongside your query. 953 more words


Self-Editing For Success, Part Three

So, you made it to the hand editing stage.

Welcome to hell, children, I’ll be your guide!

Print off that pretty manuscript of yours and get ready for a trip into the depths of your own work that will leave you with nothing but weariness. 350 more words


Self-Editing For Success, Part Two

So, you’ve rested your novel and you’re ready to begin the close editing stage, right? If you’re jumping into this series late check out Part One… 1,454 more words


Self-Editing For Success, Part One

Parts Two and Three are available!

Not every writer has the budget for professional editing services, this much is a given, and while you lack the experience of a professional editor you can, in fact, successfully self-edit. 620 more words


On Cocking the Wrist

Should you cock your wrist to throw a backhand?

That question, like so many others, is a lot more complicated than it might seem. If your coach is saying you must cock your wrist at the start of all your throws, they’re wrong. 705 more words


On Pulling for Distance

Most of us try really hard to pull as far as we can to start a point. Is that really our best option? Of course, distance is a good thing. 1,700 more words


A Query They Can't Refuse

Querying an agent or publisher is one of the most nerve-wracking things that you can do as a writer; you put your work out there, and hope to avoid rejection. 435 more words