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Lightning Manipulation

This is a lightning technique that allows the user to take force lightning into a higher degree by making it sharper (much like pressurized water). It is different than normal lightning in a sense that it is controlled instead of letting it run wild, increasing its speed and making it much deadlier and bendable by it’s user. 70 more words

Skills And Techniques

The physics of flight paths

In my ongoing experiment to see how technical I can make these posts without people getting annoyed, this is a new frontier. Not for the faint-hearted today! 1,655 more words


The Sport Combative Forms

MMA is not just people beating up on other people; it’s much more than that.  Although it seems like it, It’s not that simple. It takes a tons of discipline to be an MMA fighter: Mix Martial Arts fighters have to maintain a particular diet for months and even years sometimes, They train even when they don’t feel like it, and they are not allow to fight in the streets. 102 more words

Skills And Techniques

Give - and go where? (Part 2)

Last time out, we left you with this question:

Dylan Freechild throws the reset almost directly backwards, and sets off at around 45° for the give go – which makes his… 821 more words