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Why Home Grooming Can Be Costly?

Many have the perception that home grooming is generally cheaper than salons. I beg to differ and here’s why from my point of view.

Transportation… 477 more words

Grooming Tips

Bryce's B-Ball Game

A very good friend of mine, practically my brother, has a son who’s in his senior year of high school. I’ve watched my nephew grow from a baby to a young man, and time definitely flies. 30 more words

Life Control

“One of the most important parts of taking control of your life as a step to prospering in the years to come is to educate yourself and gain skills.  31 more words

Money Matters

Two Handed Increased

Steel warhammer man, just can’t get around it! It’s so strong. That’s why I like it, you can bash them so much that they can’t even hit you.

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Soccer & 10 min Core - Lauren Sesselmann

Soccer, Fitness, model, core, video, entrepreneur

Today we have Lauren Sesselmann, a Professional Soccer player and entrepreneur. We talk about fitness routines for those traveling or just those who are busy. 929 more words


Civil War

If you had to pick a side in the civil war, what side would you pick?

What are the sides?

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