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Confinement Soup - Pork Stomach Peppercorn

Chinese believe in the therapeutic effects of this soup. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) believes it warms our stomachs, invigorates middle qi, speeds up recovery from ulcers, and treats deficient lower jiao syndrome. 1,221 more words

Domestic Help

Help Wanted

There are a lot of employment opportunities as long as you fit the description and are willing to work for peanuts (or in this case, popcorn). 97 more words


Embroidery Play

Over the last week or so I joined a closed Facebook group with fellow embroidery machine users.

They set a little challenge of “stitch up one of the inbuilt designs on your machine” I thought yep I’ve never stitched an image before but I can do that. 337 more words


Sometimes Saturday - Dog Run

Sometimes, Saturday means that I am tired from a long week.

Like a predator stalking its prey, my dog lunges for the door.

I think, “my mad ninja skills will catch the dog and I’ll be a hero” 9 more words


Why Hello There !

My name is Kim and I have decided to help the people of Perth, Western Australia gain more skills. The reason for this is that I recently went to an interview for a volunteering job where they asked me what skills I had. 299 more words