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Video - Greetings used by Americans

Natural ways to greet people in English…

6-minute video with Japanese guidance.



Skills of an Effective Administrator

  1. A good administrator is identifies what they do, skills they exhibit in carrying out jobs effectively.
  2. Skillfulness: effective action under varying conditions.
  3. Effective administration rests on three basic developable skills: technical, human, and conceptual.
  4. 412 more words

No One Likes Feeling Sad ... Seriously, Though

By a raise of hands, who likes feeling sad?

*looks around*

No one? Big surprise.

Allowing myself to feel sad isn’t something that comes naturally to me. 359 more words

My Mental Illness Journey

Therapy: Session #3

Lots of paperwork today. I like paper.
Got new Diary Cards for the following weeks. Also sheets for documenting how my stress level changes in the course of each day so that I can observe myself better. 378 more words

Status Quo

Waterfall Abseiling

I have abseiled before but never from a waterfall, that is why this experience deserves a post on this page. It all started with a short drive in the back of a pickup truck. 134 more words


The Grand Finale

This week I’ve been putting together the Residence Hall video for transfer students, which will include footage from Mohawk, ADK, and the Res Life Suite. It’s not going to be finished in time for the end of this internship, but as I have 99% (or so) of all the footage I need for the video, it’s in everyone’s best interest that I finish the video and I’ll be working on it soon after finals end. 947 more words


The Cyclocross Workout Of The Day for Friday, 12.9.16. "Smart Opening"

Hey! Check out the stuff I’m selling, newly updated (again)!

Howdy folks,

Well, what do you know, it’s snowing in the Seattle area. Not much, but there’s definitely white stuff on the ground. 1,128 more words

The Workout Of The Day