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One key behaviour category that sales champions master.

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

This morning during my morning blog surf I found this brilliant contribution from Wyn Nathan Davis.

It brings forward again the importance of asking questions is one of the keys to having successful sales conversations. 849 more words

Huthwaite International

Why Value Matters?

Author: Anders Christian Hjort

My good friend and colleague at Huthwaite International David Freedman shares new insights from our latest international research on how successful companies create value for their customers, how they capture value for themselves, and how Value Propositions need to be enhanced to persuade more effectively. 154 more words


The Masters of Social Media

It seems that we are surrounded by people who pretend to be the strategist of social media, don’t we?

Nowadays if you want to be “cool” you MUST have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account and a YouTube channel, not to mention that you have to try every new social media launched on the market. 583 more words

Marketing And Communication

Reverse Engineer a Native Video

R.E.P: Video

Here is a freeze frame of the video I will analyze. This video is from Vans’ Instagram account. The vans audience for this post is women from ages 12-25. 433 more words


State of Decay 2: All Skill Trees

**The only 2 skills I’m not 100% are Scouting and Sharpshooting. These are all otherwise accurate as of 6/20/2018


Journal: 20 June 2018

What did make me feel proud of myself today?

  • I started assertively to work on the big project we will be following on site next week in Washington.
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