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Two best ways to increase your employment odds

With some organizations (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics) predicting a rosier outlook for law school graduates in 2016, and others asserting the market will continue to be competitive, it’s in the best interests of every law school student and graduate to make a highly positive impression from their very first contact with a potential employer.

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I quit my part-time job. For my sanity.

Making ends meet is always a challenge. Unless, of course, you have no bills, debt, and a decent paying job. Before I got pregnant, I worked from home part-time and at a hospital full-time. 953 more words


Discovering Mines


In this era of media and communication, a lot of importance is given to trainers, life coaches and mentors. Workshops on leadership skills, communication skills, basically people skills are getting very famous. 812 more words


The Future Self Unit

I am about to finish the Future Self Unit, The unit has really helped me prepare for work as an illustrator.

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What's the secret to writing great fiction?

The best answer goes something like this: “Write the book you’ve always wanted to read.” Now that might sound easy enough, until you sit down at a computer for twenty minutes wondering where the hell to begin. 499 more words

Kaylin McFarren

'tube tutorials: dancing like a boss

You can learn next to anything on Youtube. I can imagine that in future, when I have a baby born by my own loins, that I shall just let them learn everything from Youtube! 98 more words